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Alan Moore is probably the most eccentric and peculiar writer in the comic book universe. And, while his writing is exceptional, often winning awards for his depiction of a character (which are often re-envisioned from other stories), his personal life was kind of bizarre. Moore is a self-proclaimed occultist, anarchist and a ceremonial magician and has featured some of these themes in his writing, for example Promethea, From Hell and V for Vendetta. Shoppers searching for these exceptional comic books written by Moore will find many issues for sale here at White Dragon Comics.

Many of Alan Moore’s writing’s have been the basis of several Big Screen Movies, including From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, V for Vendetta and the ever increasing in popularity Watchmen. These works have propelled Moore in popularity, with many of his peers and critics referring to the writer as “one of the best graphic novel writers in the English language”. Moore has occasionally used pseudonyms Curt Vile, Jill de Ray, and Translucia Baboon when writing also, reprints of some of his work have been credited to The Original Writer when Moore requested that his name be removed.

Moore’s most notable writings were on Swamp Thing, where he not only revised Swamp Thing, but also revived many of DC's neglected magical and supernatural characters, including the Spectre, the Demon, the Phantom Stranger, Deadman, and others. But, his introduction of John Constantine, an English working-class magician based visually on the British musician Sting became one of his most popular comics! Constantine would later become the protagonist of the series Hellblazer, which became Vertigo's longest running series at 300 issues.

Alan Moore has written other comics besides the ones mentioned above and has been published under different imprints. Shoppers looking to buy comics written by Popular Writer Alan Moore can purchase them here at White Dragon Comics. All comics are sold are new comics and available for immediate sale.

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Cinema Purgatorio #  1 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 1 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio #  2 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 2 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio #  3 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 3 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio #  4 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 4 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio #  5 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 5 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio #  6 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 6 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio #  7 (Avatar Comics 2016)Cinema Purgatorio # 7 (Avatar Comics 2016)
Cinema Purgatorio # 10 (Avatar Comics 2017)Cinema Purgatorio # 10 (Avatar Comics 2017)
Cinema Purgatorio # 11 (Avatar Comics 2017)Cinema Purgatorio # 11 (Avatar Comics 2017)
Cinema Purgatorio # 12 (Avatar Comics 2017)Cinema Purgatorio # 12 (Avatar Comics 2017)
Cinema Purgatorio # 13 (Avatar Comics 2017)Cinema Purgatorio # 13 (Avatar Comics 2017)
Crossed Plus 100 # 1 (Avatar Comics 2014)Crossed Plus 100 # 1 (Avatar Comics 2014)
Crossed Plus 100 # 3 (Avatar Comics 2014)Crossed Plus 100 # 3 (Avatar Comics 2014)
Crossed Plus 100 # 4 (Avatar Comics 2015)Crossed Plus 100 # 4 (Avatar Comics 2015)
Miracleman #  3 (Marvel Comics 2013)Miracleman # 3 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Miracleman #  4 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 4 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman #  5 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 5 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman #  6 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 6 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman #  7 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 7 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman #  9 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 9 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman # 12 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 12 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman # 16 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman # 16 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Miracleman Annual # 1 (Marvel Comics 2014)Miracleman Annual # 1 (Marvel Comics 2014)
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