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Shoppers Searching for Comic Books Published by Albatross Funny Books Will Find a Large Inventory of New Comics and Back-Issues for Sale Here!

Shoppers searching for Albatross Funny Books will find the newest releases along with one of the largest selections of back-issue comic books for sale here at White Dragon Comics. Albatross Funny Books is a creator-owned publishing company and shoppers can easily find many comics published under the all-new imprint for sale here.

Writer/artist Eric Powell is the head honcho behind the indie comic book publishing company, Albatross. Albatross publishes comics suited to all-ages and all comics are creator-owned projects. Powell says of his newest endeavor, “if I had to describe my mentality going into this I almost feel like I have the hippiest little league coach backing me up saying, “Hey, man, try your best and have fun. That’s all that matters, dude!” Maybe that’s what it all boils down to. Just having fun making comics.” (Nerdist, 2018)

Comic book collectors, readers and shoppers will find the latest comics like Powell’s best-selling Hillbilly for sale here at White Dragon Comics. Hillbilly is an Appalachian fantasy legend that tells the story of Rondel, a lonely figure who wanders the wooded hills among witches and magical creatures. Rondel, a folktale hero travels this gritty fairytale world happening upon a new and quite strange adventure with each fun-filled issue.

Shoppers may also be interested in these great comic book stories as well: Galaktikon… a high stakes intergalactic extreme rock comic, Spook House… Anthology comic releases each week in October with new stories in each issue and is appropriate for readers of all ages, Mega Ghost… a junior occultist Martin Magus living in the haunted city of Dunwich Heights and investigating the unknown! And, many more really cool comics offered for sale here at White Dragon Comics.

White Dragon Comics ships all comics in high-quality t-folders to ensure a safe arrival to your home. Shoppers will also find low shipping rates, quick service and friendly customer service.

Hillbilly #  4 (Albatross Comics 2016)Hillbilly # 4 (Albatross Comics 2016)
Hillbilly #  5 (Albatross Comics 2017)Hillbilly # 5 (Albatross Comics 2017)
Hillbilly #  6 (Albatross Comics 2017)Hillbilly # 6 (Albatross Comics 2017)
Hillbilly #  7 (Albatross Comics 2017)Hillbilly # 7 (Albatross Comics 2017)
Hillbilly #  9 (Albatross Comics 2018)Hillbilly # 9 (Albatross Comics 2018)
Hillbilly # 10 (Albatross Comics 2018)Hillbilly # 10 (Albatross Comics 2018)
Hillbilly # 12 (Albatross Comics 2018)Hillbilly # 12 (Albatross Comics 2018)
Hillbilly: Red-Eyed Witchery From Beyond #  4 of 4 (Albatross Comics 2019)Hillbilly: Red-Eyed Witchery From Beyond # 4 of 4 (Albatross Comics 2019)
Namwolf #  1 (Albatross Comics 2017) Second PrintNamwolf # 1 (Albatross Comics 2017) Second Print
Namwolf #  3 (Albatross Comics 2017)Namwolf # 3 (Albatross Comics 2017)
Namwolf #  4 (Albatross Comics 2017)Namwolf # 4 (Albatross Comics 2017)
Spookhouse # 1 (Albatross Funnybooks 2016)Spookhouse # 1 (Albatross Funnybooks 2016)
Spookhouse # 2 (Albatross Funnybooks 2016)Spookhouse # 2 (Albatross Funnybooks 2016)
Spookhouse # 3 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)Spookhouse # 3 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)
Spookhouse # 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2016)Spookhouse # 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2016)
Spookhouse 2 # 1 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)Spookhouse 2 # 1 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)
Spookhouse 2 # 2 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)Spookhouse 2 # 2 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)
Spookhouse 2 # 3 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)Spookhouse 2 # 3 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)
Spookhouse 2 # 4 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)Spookhouse 2 # 4 of 4 (Albatross Funny Books 2018)
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