Zenescope Comics Offers Readers New Takes on Fairy Tales... Here Shoppers Can Find Tales that take place in the Terrifying World of Wonderland!

Zenescope Comics brings to life Wonderland and its glorious characters, but with a horrifying unique twist on the long-time fairy-tale favorite. This Wonderland comic book is not for children… this is a strictly grown-up look at a land that could be easily seen as a terrifying, murderous and vengeful universe.

Comic book shoppers looking for something on the strange side, a land with characters that can stop you in dead in your tracks and a Queen full of vengeance with murder on her mind, especially the murder of Alice Liddle and her family, then these are the comics for you!

Poor Alice Liddle her parents are encouraging her to explore the Rabbit Hole in a tree on their property, it’s kinda creepy the way they encourage this beautiful child to step into the darkness. After she steps into the tree-hole a new world emerges one that will haunt Alice Liddle for the rest of her life.
Comic book readers will find original characters like the Mad-Hatter, The Jabberwocky and The Cheshire Cat, The Black Knight and many more. Also, Alice is shown as a grown-up in this series of comics and the poor dear seems to be on everyone’s hit-list.

Zenescope’s writers have done an exceptional job writing the Wonderland comics and the artists bring to life the strange, horrifying world with each page, encompassing the reader. Shoppers will never look at fairytales the same way after reading these must-have comics!

Shoppers can find several issues of Wonderland comic books for sale here at White Dragon Comics. Don’t hesitate any longer… read all of Alice Liddle’s adventures now!

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