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A + X comic books Contain some of the Best Team-ups Among Super-Heroes! Fans of Avengers and X-Man Comic Books are Treated to Two Cool Stories in Each Issue!

In 2012 Marvel Comics started a new initiative, Marvel Now! And one of the comic books spinning out of this initiative was A+X. This popular Avenger plus X-Man comic book had a two-year run and a total of 18 issues.

The comic was launched as a spin-off of the Avengers versus X-Men event of 2012. The premise was to promote good will between the teams by taking on missions that required one Avenger and one X-Man. Each issue contained two separate story arcs of varying lengths by a rotating cast of creators.

A+X comic books spin right out of AVX. Each comic book issue featured two different stories and every issue had a different creative team. The first comic book, #1 featured a Wolverine/Hulk story written by Jeph Loeb and Dale Keown and Captain America/Cable story written by Dan Slott and Ron Garney. Issue two contained comic book superhero/villain greats Black Widow and Rogue by Chris Bachalo and Iron Man and Kitty Pride from Peter David and Mike Delmundo. Each issue up to the ending comic book issue of A+X had the same set-up different heroes working together and written by several different writers.

Fans of A+X comic books can find several of the popular comic books here at White Dragon Comics. We would like to encourage fans to check out all our Avenger comic books! White Dragon Comics strives to bring fans the very best in the comic book world, so take your time and look over all that we have to offer!

A+X #  1 (Marvel Comics 2012)A+X # 1 (Marvel Comics 2012)
A+X #  2 (Marvel Comics 2012)A+X # 2 (Marvel Comics 2012)
A+X #  3 (Marvel Comics 2012)A+X # 3 (Marvel Comics 2012)
A+X #  4 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 4 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X #  5 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 5 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X #  6 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 6 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X #  7 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 7 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X #  8 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 8 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X #  9 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 9 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 10 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 10 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 11 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 11 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 12 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 12 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 13 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 13 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 14 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 14 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 15 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 15 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 16 (Marvel Comics 2014)A+X # 16 (Marvel Comics 2014)
A+X # 17 (Marvel Comics 2013)A+X # 17 (Marvel Comics 2013)
A+X # 18 (Marvel Comics 2014)A+X # 18 (Marvel Comics 2014)
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