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In 2005 Marvel Comics published a one-shot and mini-series that rocked the Marvel Universe and led fans to demand more! That one-shot and mini-series was Age of Apocalypse!

Age of Apocalypse, which was a fan-favorite in the comic book world was celebrating its 10th anniversary with a look back at the end of the original storyline, which revealed an alternate earth, Earth-295. This one-shot and mini-series led to an all-new ongoing comic book from Marvel Comics that would run for 14 issues, Age of Apocalypse.

Marvel Point One, a one-shot from Marvel Comics sets the pace for this action-pack comic book series! A new team has banded, consisting of anti-humans, that call themselves the X-Terminated. The X-Terminated have pledged to eliminate the rule of the ascended Weapon X and his minions, after X-Force's attempt to stop the genocidal successor of Apocalypse. The group consisted of the few remaining members of the almost extinct human race, which been pushed to the edge of extrication.

The popular comic book starts as Jean Grey and Sabretooth returning from Earth-295 to find that they are the last two X-Men alive except for Nightcrawler who had decided to stay on in that reality, to hunt down Dark Beast, Blob, Iceman and Sugar Man. Meeting with the human collation upon arrival… Jean Grey uses her clones of Scarlett Witch to use a spell Jean saw previously on Wolverine's mind that de-powered 99% of mutantkind. Jean telepathically nudges clones the Scarlet Witch clones to recreate the Decimation thus removing all the mutants' powers across the world. However, this was only successful within a radius of 12 feet, so Jean Grey and Sabretooth are both left de-powered while Weapon X and his forces remained powered. The human coalition distracts Weapon X with a bomb long enough for the group to escape as the city explodes behind them.

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Age of Apocalypse

Age of Apocalypse

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