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The iconic Batwoman is one of the most notable superheroines in the DC Universe! Batwoman is similar to Gotham City Superhero Batman, in fact it was Batman that inspired Batwoman to fight the vileness of Gotham City! The identity of Batwoman, in the comic book world has had two identities, both with the same name Katherine Kane.

Batwoman began her career in comic books beginning with Detective Comics #233 in 1956. Katherine Kane was introduced as a love interest for Batman, after several accusations of Batman’s sexuality when the controversial book Seduction of the Innocent was published in 1954.

Batwoman comic books made a comeback in 2006 with DC Comics in the seventh week of the publisher’s year-long 52 weekly comics. Batwoman took over for the missing Batman, following the events of the company-wide crossover Infinite Crisis in 2005. Batwoman’s sexuality became a hot topic when it was announced that the comic book heroine would be homosexual. This brought about both praise and criticism from the comic book world.

In 2009-2010 Batwoman took the leading role over Batman in the popular Detective comic books and continued in her solo comic book as part of the New52. Following the cancellation of Batwoman, the character has returned to Detective Comics in a leading role for the DC Rebirth event. In 2017 Batwoman returned to another solo series.

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Batwoman #  7 (DC Comics 2017) RebirthBatwoman # 7 (DC Comics 2017) Rebirth
Batwoman #  8 (DC Comics 2017) RebirthBatwoman # 8 (DC Comics 2017) Rebirth
Batwoman #  9 (DC Comics 2017) RebirthBatwoman # 9 (DC Comics 2017) Rebirth
Batwoman # 10 (DC Comics 2017)Batwoman # 10 (DC Comics 2017)
Batwoman # 10 (DC Comics 2017) Michael Cho Variant CoverBatwoman # 10 (DC Comics 2017) Michael Cho Variant Cover
Batwoman # 11 (DC Comics 2018)Batwoman # 11 (DC Comics 2018)
Batwoman # 12 (DC Comics 2018)Batwoman # 12 (DC Comics 2018)
Batwoman # 13 (DC Comics 2018)Batwoman # 13 (DC Comics 2018)
Batwoman # 14 (DC Comics 2018)Batwoman # 14 (DC Comics 2018)
Batwoman # 15 (DC Comics 2018)Batwoman # 15 (DC Comics 2018)
Batwoman # 16 (DC Comics 2017)Batwoman # 16 (DC Comics 2017)
Batwoman # 17 (DC Comics 2018)Batwoman # 17 (DC Comics 2018)
Batwoman Futures End # 1, std. ed. (DC Comics 2014)Batwoman Futures End # 1, std. ed. (DC Comics 2014)
Batwoman N52 #  9 (DC Comics 2012)Batwoman N52 # 9 (DC Comics 2012)
Batwoman N52 # 27 (DC Comics 2013)Batwoman N52 # 27 (DC Comics 2013)
Catwoman # 34 (DC Comics 2014)Catwoman # 34 (DC Comics 2014)
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