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The Back-Issue comic book bins have always been a main-stay of the neighborhood comic book store and for many collectors, the back-issue comic book section is the first place they go when they find a new comic shop. Here at White Dragon Comics shoppers can find tons of back-issue's of comic books that have been released years ago for sale right here, and just a reminder... all comic books sold are new, uncirculated issues that have been placed in storage.

White Dragon Comics, your Comic Shop on Your Desktop, takes great pride in our large back-issue section of comic books. We have over 6,000 comic books in our back-issue section, and we have even gone to the trouble of breaking them down month by month, to make it even easier to track down that comic book back-issue that you forgot to pick up when it first came out, or was sold out before you could get to the store. Shoppers can find comic books from several different publishers on our online store, we encourage consumers to take their time and look over our exstensive collection of comic books offered for sale... you never know what gem you may uncover.

Browsing through our Back-Issues section you will experience a history of contemporary comic books unfolding before you as you move from month to month. Take a walk down memory lane and explore what’s been going on in comic books, and the comic book industry, in recent years. Witness the birth of the New 52 and the rebirth of the Valiant Universe. Discover new worlds with any of the considerable number of new Creator-Owned series that have graced the shelves of comic book stores over the past few years. Dig through these pages just like you would the Back-Issue Bins at you favorite comic shop, and you will be rewarded with overlooked gems and much sought-after treasures.

When you have found the ones you’re looking for we will be happy to send them to you in our specially-designed shipping folders so they will reach you in the excellent condition that you would expect. Take advantage of our low rates and buy yourself some kick-butt Back-Issues of cool comic books today.

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