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Scout Comics is One of the Newest and Quickly Rising (populairty/sales) Comic Book Publishers of 2019! Shoppers Searching For the Latest in Scout Comics Will Find Them here at White Dragon Comics. 

Scout Comics is one of the newest premier comic book publishers to make it big in the comic universe. Scout Comics is a creator owned comic book publishing company and like so many following this trend their popularity among readers continues to grow.

Scout Comics evolved from the growing success of Ardden Entertainment. Renewed vigor, new amazing talent, exciting new stories and a new focus on characters who can become franchises, have set the company down the path of becoming one for the ages!

Uniqueness is often hard to find among comic book publishers, but Scout Comics was not only able to do this but excelled at it! It is the work and knowledge from its founders Brendan Deneen, James Pruett, Tennessee Edwards and James Haick III that has led to the company’s popularity. Each of these team members brings a different aspect to the company from writer and publisher to TV veterans and producers.

Shoppers will find that Scout Comics offers a diversified collection of comics from drama and crime fiction to science fiction and romance, plus some of the greatest all-ages titles as well. And if you are fan of horror comics, Scout has you covered with its award-winning Shiver Bureau series!
Comic Book buyers, if you have not read a comic book from Scout comics you are doing yourself a major disservice. White Dragon Comics has several unique comics from Scout for sale here on our extensive online website. We encourage shoppers to take their time and look over all the great comics offered from not only Scout, but many more different publishers.

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