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No Good Guys Here. Everyone is a Suspect in the Hottest Selling Comic Books at White Dragon Comics Crime and Mystery Page

I could hear the sirens screaming louder and louder as the police car came screeching down the road. It quickly slammed on its breaks and the police officer was out of the cruiser in a flash, I never seen a person move so fast he was like the wind flying into action! I held my breath as he rushed into the bank, he showed no fear whatsoever, it was just like a suspenseful Crime and Mystery comic book story unfolding right before my very eyes.

What would happen next? Would the police officer save the day, would the bank robbers abscond with the money, were there any hostages? My mind was racing I couldn’t turn the page fast enough, this Crime and Mystery comic book had me jumping out of my own skin! As I devour the pages, my eyes hungry scanning each panel word-for-word I knew this heart-pounding comic book was the comic book I had been waiting for! There’s nothing like a story that keeps you guessing right to the very end.

Crime and Mystery comic books have been around since the introduction of comic books themselves. Readers everywhere have embraced the crime and mystery genre! Shoppers are always on the job, sniffing out the newest crime drama in comic books. It could be the suspense that pulls in readers, or maybe the thrill of solving the mystery before the hero does, but no matter the reason, readers who appreciate good whodunnits comic books can buy them right here at White Dragon Comics!

White Dragon Comics carries all types of Crime and Mystery comic books and Whodunits comic books. Shoppers can choose to buy Crime and Mystery comic books like “4 Kids Walk into a Bank” from comic book publisher Black Mask to “Spider” from Dynamite Comics at White Dragon Comics.

White Dragon Comics loves a good mystery too, that’s why we carry a huge selection of the best in Crime and Mystery comic books. Shoppers will keep coming back to us for those one-of-a-kind comic books sold here at White Dragon Comics

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