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Guardian Knight Comics Was Formed by Comic Book Creators for Comic Book Creators. The Goal of Guardian Knight is to Provide Another Outlet for Creator Owned Comics, to Compete with Other, Bigger Publishers. Here You Will Find a Selection of the Best Comic Books that Guardian Knight has Produced So Far.

Guardian Knight Comics is a newly formed comic book publishing company. Founded by Apple De la Fuente, Guardian Knight was developed for Comic Creators by Comic Creators. Guardian Knight Comics mission to create a new local, independent, creator owned comic book publishing company to rival competitors like, Image, Boom and Dark Horse. Through innovation and a grassroots approach to marketing Guardian Knight Comics strives to be unlike any other comic book publishing company.

Guardian Knight Comics formula for success includes creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration, bridging the gap between the old and the new and bring big name artists and writers together with new and young talent to create original content.

Guardian Knight Comics claim to fame begins with one of their biggest hits, Gears and Bones written by Andrew P. Anderson and drawn by Osvaldo Montos Montpeller. Gears and Bones is a story of revenge, conspiracies, betrayal, and a pirate’s life for Bones and his crew. Issue one starts with a good friend of Bones being murdered, which sets a path of revenge, but ends up putting Bones and his crew into the middle of a conspiracy to kill a king, and take revenge on the King’s Royal Guard Quantrail.

Sanitarium is the second best comic book coming out of Guardian Knight Comics. Created by Kerry Valderrama, Sanitarium is what a horror comic book should be, terrifying! Welcome to the Sanitarium, for every terrified scream and wail of pain echoing in the halls of this insane asylum, there is a horrifying backstory that brought them to the odd Dr. Stenson.

Moon Streak is another popular comic book offered by Guardian Knight Comics. Moon Streak brings comic book fans a new, strange and twisted tale; it starts with a young morbid girl who documents the dead and dying of Hope City, her ultimate goal, cutting a bloody shortcut to the top and take back from the Villains that have a choke hold on the city.

Guardian Knight Comics is off to a great start with all of their comic books quickly rising up the top comic books charts. Fans can find the latest titles from Guardian Knights right here at White Dragon Comics.

Gears and Bones # 1 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)Gears and Bones # 1 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)
Gears and Bones # 2 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)Gears and Bones # 2 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)
Gears and Bones # 3 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)Gears and Bones # 3 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)
Gears and Bones # 4 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)Gears and Bones # 4 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)
Moon Streak # 2 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)Moon Streak # 2 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)
Sanitarium # 4 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)Sanitarium # 4 (Guardian Knight Comics 2015)
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