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Canadain Cartoonist, Todd McFarlane... Artist and Comic Book Writer, Best Known for his Comic Book Spawn brings fans his New Publishing Company Todd McFarlane Productions! Fans Can Find his Latest Comic Books For Sale Right Here @ White Dragon Comics!

Todd McFarlane is a Canadian cartoonist, artist and comic book writer, best known for his comic book Spawn. McFarlane is also known for his role in Spider-Man history; he was the first artist to draw super-villain Venom in his first full appearance.
Todd McFarlane has written or drawn for all of the big five comic book publishers. He has worked on several big-hitters: Batman, Spider-man, Detective Comics and the Hulk to name just a few.

McFarlane’s do all you can attitude made him a super-star in the comic book industry. Todd soon tired of drawing other writer’s comic books, which led McFarlane to his first endeavor, written and drawn by McFarlane the highly successful Spider-Man.  After a sixteen issue run, Todd McFarlane and Marvel Comics new editor-in-chief had some creative clashes that ultimately led to McFarlane’s departure from Marvel Comics and led him and several other popular artists to the creation of Image Comics.

Under Image comics McFarlane owns a publishing imprint, Todd McFarlane Productions, which launched McFarlane’s most popular comic book, Spawn. Upon its release, Spawn number one sold a record setting 1.7 million copies, a huge accomplishment for an independent comic book.

McFarlane continues his success in the comic book world and has expanded the comic book culture to the media and toy making with the formation of McFarlane Toys and McFarlane Entertainment.

White Dragon Comics embraces this commitment to the comic book industry and strives to bring readers the latest in Todd McFarlane comic books.

Savior #  2 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 2 (Image Comics 2015)
Savior #  3 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 3 (Image Comics 2015)
Savior #  4 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 4 (Image Comics 2015)
Savior #  5 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 5 (Image Comics 2015)
Savior #  6 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 6 (Image Comics 2015)
Savior #  7 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 7 (Image Comics 2015)
Savior #  8 (Image Comics 2015)Savior # 8 (Image Comics 2015)
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