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Bongo Comics for Kids and People of All-Ages are some of the Funniest, Super-Cool Comic Books being Published! White Dragon Comics has All of The Latest Bongo Comics for Kids Listed Right Here!

Bongo comics for kids were created in 1993 by Matt Groening, who recognizing a need for funny comic books. Groening launched Bongo comic books for young adults in an attempt to expand the ever growing market.

Bongo comic books for kids have exploded on the market quickly selling out as soon as they are released to comic book stores. Parents understand that getting a child to read is an extremely taxing venue, but comic books make it much easier for parents; imagine not having to beg and plead with your child to get them to read.
Bongo comic books for kids launched with four new comic book stories based on the popular television series. The Simpsons, one of the most popular animated telvision shows became one of Bongo’s first comic books published. Bongo Comics based their Simpson comic book line on all-new original story-lines, rather than simply adapting episodes of the television series.

Bongo comics for kids will get your favorite young reader, reading. They will not only anticipate the next issue, but will be seeking out more to read. That is the beauty of comic books, they not only open your young readers mind, they set a fire burning that cannot be quenched and parents will no longer have to promise, plead and argue to get their children to read, they will be seeking out more to read.

Comic books for kids have come a long way since their introduction and Bongo comics is pleased to bring fans of all ages the best in funny, hilarious comic books.

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