In the Spotlight This Month

In the Spotlight This Month

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New Mutants Comic Books

Fans of New Mutant Comic Books A Spin-Off Series of the Popular X-Men Frachise Can Finf Many Key Issues for Sale here at White Dragon Comics.

Marvel Comics coolest spin-off thus far, stars a group of young X-Men, too young to be X-Men, but old enough to start training comes The New Mutants. Starring in their own comic book title the New Mutants ran from 1983 until 1991 and in 2003 a second series was released.

The original cast of New Mutants consisted of an all-new all-different group of X-Men teenagers, due to the difference in ethnic diversity. Ranging in age from a thirteen to nineteen the team consisted of five members Cannonball, Karma, Mirage, Sunspot and Wolfsbane. Originally slated for comic books it had to be reworked so that Marvel Graphic Novel could make its deadline, making the New Mutants first appearance actually not in a comic book.

The second series of New Mutant comic books got its start in 2003 and ran for a total of thirteen issues before being relaunched as new comic book as New X-Men: Academy X in July 2004, with a new a brand-new number one. This series featured dozens of mutant teenagers attending the Xavier Institute along with their instructors which consisted of various X-Men as well as former members of the original New Mutants. After the cataclysmic event M-Day, only a handful of students enrolled at the Xavier Institute were able to retain their powers. The New Mutants and the other training squads were disbanded, and the remaining students were gathered into a single junior team, the New X-Men.

A third series of the comic book was released in 2009 and ran until 2012 for a total of fifty issues. The team is a reunion of sorts for the original cast from the first volume and consists of Cannonball, Karma, Magik, Magma, Dani Moonstar and Sunspot. The reunion is spun from events from the limited series X-Infernus.

Fans of the New Mutants can find many issues of the popular comic book right here at White Dragon Comics.

New Mutants #  1 (Marvel Comics 2019) DXNew Mutants # 1 (Marvel Comics 2019) DX
New Mutants #  2 (Marvel Comics 2019) DXNew Mutants # 2 (Marvel Comics 2019) DX
New Mutants #  3 (Marvel Comics 2019) DXNew Mutants # 3 (Marvel Comics 2019) DX
New Mutants #  4 (Marvel Comics 2019) DXNew Mutants # 4 (Marvel Comics 2019) DX
New Mutants #  5 (Marvel Comics 2020) DXNew Mutants # 5 (Marvel Comics 2020) DX
New Mutants #  6 (Marvel Comics 2020) DXNew Mutants # 6 (Marvel Comics 2020) DX
New Mutants #  7 (Marvel Comics 2020) DXNew Mutants # 7 (Marvel Comics 2020) DX
New Mutants #  8 (Marvel Comics 2020) DXNew Mutants # 8 (Marvel Comics 2020) DX
New Mutants #  9 (Marvel Comics 2020) DXNew Mutants # 9 (Marvel Comics 2020) DX
New Mutants # 14 (Marvel Comics 2020) DXNew Mutants # 14 (Marvel Comics 2020) DX
New Mutants # 26 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 26 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 27 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 27 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 28 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 28 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 29 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 29 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 30 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 30 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 31 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 31 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 32 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 32 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 33 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 33 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 34 (Marvel Comics 2011)New Mutants # 34 (Marvel Comics 2011)
New Mutants # 36 (Marvel Comics 2012)New Mutants # 36 (Marvel Comics 2012)
New Mutants # 37 (Marvel Comics 2012)New Mutants # 37 (Marvel Comics 2012)
New Mutants # 39 (Marvel Comics 2012)New Mutants # 39 (Marvel Comics 2012)
New Mutants # 40 (Marvel Comics 2012)New Mutants # 40 (Marvel Comics 2012)
New Mutants # 41 (Marvel Comics 2012)New Mutants # 41 (Marvel Comics 2012)
New Mutants # 45 (Marvel Comics 2012)New Mutants # 45 (Marvel Comics 2012)
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