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Shoppers Can Find Top-Selling Comic Books for sale under the "Popular Writers" Catergory here at White Dragon Comics

What makes a comic book great? Is it the writer or the artist? Here at White Dragon Comics we think it is a combination of both… good writing and fantastic artwork that echoes the story, you really cannot have one without the other.

In this category White Dragon Comics offers shoppers comic books listed by writer. Because there are numerous writers in the comic industry, we will be picking out the most popular and showcasing their talent’s right here. Sales of the writer’s comics and reviews will help determine what comic book writers will be featured.

Popular Writers showcased on this page are chosen by the popularity of the story and comic book sales. Writers depicted on this page may have written comics for numerous publishing companies like Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Aftershock, Dark Horse Comics and several other publishers. No matter the company… if the story is popular and the writer has consistently produced other top-selling comics they may be featured under the Writers Category.

Comic books offered for sale on the Popular Writers page can be of any genre; horror, superhero, real-life, dramas, kid’s books or adventures… if he or she is a trendy writer, they will be featured right here. The more prevalent the comic book, the more well-liked the writer and that is the focus of the “Popular Writers” page.

We encourage shoppers to take their time and look over our extensive collection of comics offered for sale online. Besides the “Popular Writers” category customers will find a wide array of pages featuring many more comic books for sale.

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