Ape Entertainment Kids Comic Books

Ape Entertainment Publishes Quality Comic Books For Young Readers.

Ape Entertainment an American independent comic book company founded in 2003 is becoming one of the leaders in all-ages comic books. Ape Entertainment is the brainchild of lifelong comic book devotees David Hedgecock and Brent E. Erwin. Ape Entertainment brings popular childhood characters to life in their own comic book series.
In today’s world, children’s lives are dominated by television, video games, personal telephones and the Internet. In this new world, the 21 first century, we are a visual world with a visual culture. This new culture requires high levels of reading competency. Ape Entertainment understands this concept and focuses on our youth by bringing great characters into the comic book world.
Sesame Street is one of many comic books that brought to life by Ape Entertainment. The new and original comic book series emphasizes educational and entertaining content for younger readers.  Sesame Street, along with other great children’s characters, offers kids great content in every comic book that attracts them and brings families together over a good story.
Ape Entertainment’s mission to grow the comic book industry by increasing awareness about comic books among a new generation of readers takes a giant step forward with the release of its new Sesame Street comic book. Ape Entertainment hopes young readers and their parents will discover the exciting world of comics and start visiting a local comic book shop.

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