Avengers Assemble Comic Books

Avengers Assemble Comic Books follow the BlockBuster Hit, The Avengers. Running for Twenty-Five Issues Avengers Assemble containted a Roster of Rotating Avengers Pleasing All Fans of the Comic Book!

In 2012 Marvel Comics released The Avengers movie, which was a big hit among the comic book community in the wake of that popularity came a new comic book, Avengers Assemble.

Prior to the release of Avengers Assemble #1, there was no Avengers comic book title that consisted of a team exactly like the one in the movie. Marvel Comics expected the comic book to soar among Avenger fans, unfortunately the comic book did not meet Marvel’s and comic book fans expectations.

Avengers Assemble ran for twenty-five issues before it was cancelled by Marvel Comics. The comic book was written by two great writers, the first eight issues were written by the legendary Brian Michael Bendis and the remaining issues were penned by rising star Kelly-Sue DeConnick, who was given the Avengers Assignment based on the strength and the popularity of her Captain Marvel run.

The comic book, Avengers Assemble began with six members from the 2012 movie, but in issue number nine the focus of the comic changed and the roster changed with a revolving cast of members. This sudden change was one of the reasons why this particular Avengers Comic book failed.

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