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American Mythology Comic Books Produce New and Continuing Stories from Classic Televsion Shows and Movies. Fans Can Find All of the Latest Comics Books Released from American Mythology Comics Right Here!

American Mythology is one of the newest and fastest growing comic book publishers to enter the exciting world of comic books. American Mythology is publishing comic books of every genre from horror and sci-fi to all-ages super-cool classic’s like Underdog and Casper the Friendly Ghost!

American Mythology publisher Michael Bornstein states about the comic book company, their focus is on creating the best in new comics based on fun properties from film and television. The company says, “there are some really incredible stories and tales that have been passed down throughout time, many representing our hopes and dreams.” American Mythology and their writers agree that the comic book world medium is the best delivery method for these tall tales and wonderful trips into imagination and that is why they are dedicated to creating and continuing these tales for everyone!

American Mythology comic book stories are created by artist and writers who are passionate about the properties they have acquired. Underdog is the company’s newest release (free comic book day) and is a favorite of the 80’s generation. The cartoon version made its first appearance in the mid-60’s and its popularity continued into the 70’s. In the 1980’s Underdog reappeared on a television show, Hatchy Milatchy (WNEP, TV), creating a high demand for the comic book, and fans were not disappointed!

New Sci-fi comic book Stargate Atlantis had comic book fans screaming for more from the popular new company American Mythology and they answered with an all-new comic book set to hit stores in June of 2017, SG-U Stargate Universe.

Horror fans were appeased from American Mythology with Hatchet, written by horror scribe James Kuhoric and illustrated by Puppet Master artist Andrew Mangum.

And kids of all-ages had there pick of classics The Three Stooges, The Pink Panther and Rocky and Bullwinkle. American Mythology believes when it comes to these classics if you aren't a fan of the concept you aren't working on it.  Simply put these are comics for fans by fans!

White Dragon Comics is honored to carry all of American Mythology’s comic books. Fans can find many issues from the premier company right here!
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