The Walking Dead

The Long-Running Walking Dead Comic Book Continues To Gain Momentum Even As Its Audience Continues To Grow.

The Walking Dead, a comic book published by Image Comics, tells the story of how different groups of people are managing to survive in a world gone mad. Against the horrific background of a planet overrun by flesh eating monsters, The Walking Dead tells tales filled with humanity, as survivors attempt to come to grips with the reality of their situation and eke out something resembling a normal life.
Personal interactions are explored, as a diverse group of personalities, some with axes to grind against one another, must learn to cooperate and create a community, while fighting for their existence in world ruled by zombies. Recently, the Walking Dead tale has been brought to life on the small screen in AMC’s Emmy Award winning series of the same name. Though the storylines of the comic book and the TV show sometimes take different paths, both remain true to the characters and themes, that are at the heart of the story. 
We have made available to you the entire comic book series in Trade Paperback format, and occasionaly some other items that may be of interest to fans of the comic book and the TV series alike. Watch for future additions.

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