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DC's Rebirth Comic Books

In June 2016 DC Comics Launched A Brand New Event, Rebirth. Spinning Out of Recent Developments, the Rebirth Event Takes Fans Beyond The New 52 to explore the Mystery of How the New 52 came to be and Who or What Might Have Been Behind it.

In June of 2016 DC Comics took comic book fans down a new path with their brand new Rebirth event. Rebirth is not a reboot of the DC Universe, but a continuation of events from the New 52 with the added uncertainty of the discovery of an unseen hand behind the creation of The New 52. This mystery will play out throughout the DC Universe in the coming years.

The Rebirth Event started in May with the release of an 80 page one-shot. Writer/Editor Geoff Johns stated, the 80-page one-shot is "re-laying the groundwork for DC's future while celebrating the past and present.”  He also said the comic book Rebirth event would have few things altered and changed while focusing more on characters, mysteries and revealing secrets associated with Flashpoint and The New 52.

Another interesting fact about The Rebirth comic book event is that there would be only one variant issue released for each comic, and each issue would have one artist responsible for that comic book cover.  

Action Comics and Detective comics returned to their pre-new 52 numbering with the 52 issues added in. In other words Action comics which had stopped at 905, restarted at 957. And, these two comic books along with a number of other top-selling DC comic books went to twice-monthly publication. Because the publications would be bi-weekly, DC Comics lowered all of the new Rebirth issues to just  $2.99 each.

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