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Cable and X-Force, a new X-Men Series made its debut in 2013 and ran untill 2014. The colorful dual had several adventures that included some of the best characters from the X-Men series.

In February 2013 Marvel Comics released a new X-Men series, Cable and X-Force, which was part of the Marvel Now! Line. Cable and X-Force was written by the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca. The Cable and X-Force series ran for four volumes with a total of nineteen issues between 2013 and 2014.

Creators Hopeless and Larroca took the series back to the early days of the original X-Force, with Cable leading the renegade team of Domino, Colossus, Forge and Doctor Nemesis, against the newly formed Uncanny Avengers, led by Cable's uncle, Havok. Also appearing in the series is Cable’s daughter Hope Summers, who is on a journey to re-join her father’s team.

Volume one centers on a seemingly unstoppable virus, “Girth” which attacks only humans and mutates them into monsters. While trying to stop the outbreak several men t the Eat-More Facility (where the virus originated) were infected Doctor Nemesis, who had been trying to find a cure to the virus the entire time, realizes that his attempts have backfired because the victims only became even more dangerous. Leaving only one option, to not only destroy the virus but also kill the infected men. Despite Colossus protests, Cable orders him to carry out the kill-order. The authorities, including Havok and his Uncanny Avengers, only arrived after all the workers’ mutated bodies were morphed back to their regular human forms and strewn dead across the floor. After destroying the headquarters and using the teleportation gate to run away from Havok and his team, X-Force decides to split up and reunite later on.

Volume two picks up with the disbanded team waiting for Cable to call on them again. After Cable has a premonition he tries to get the team back together. Hope visits Pace Federal Penitentiary and steals Purple Woman and Lady Mastermind’s powers in order to escape her followers and track down her father.

Volume three has the team split up again and set off into different adventures. Cable is finally captured, but left go after he projects his premonitions onto Havok.  Havok realizes the necessity of Cable and X-Force.

Volume four has The Uncanny X-Force disbanding and Psylocke joining Cable's new X-Force.

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