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Zombie Comic Books are the Best-Selling Comics among Supernatural Monster Comic Books! Find The Best in Zombie Comics Here!

Zombie Comics are among the top-rated Supernatural Comic Books being published today! The Zombie craze has taken these flesh-eating monsters to the big screen, television shows and a numerous amount of different comic books. These carnivorous villains will keep you running back to your local comic book shop screaming for more!

The most famous and best-selling comic book starring zombies is published Image Comics and written by Robert Kirkman, the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead comics have and continue to be the most popular zombie story among readers, which led to a hit-television show. The television show sparked a host of controversary among comic book readers with its ever-changing television show. Readers are kept on their toes as Kirkman has changed up the comic book introducing new characters and killing off popular characters from the long-running popular comic book in the television series. Fans were divided, some wanted the original story portrayed and others welcomed the changes, stating they now get two stories instead of one.

Z-Nation a low-budget television show with its own unique type of zombie took the world by storm and because of this popularity Z-Nation soon became one of the best-selling Zombie comics to hit stores everywhere. Z-Nation is the story of a survivor (Murphy… was shot with a possible anti-dote), who now carries the anti-bodies in his blood and with the help of a group of survivors they set out cross-country to transport Murphy from New York to the world's last known functioning Centers for Disease Control research lab in California. What unfolds during this trip will have comic book readers on the edge of their seats!

Archie and the gang were affected by zombies as well in their highly popular comic, Afterlife with Archie. After a car driven by Reggie kills Hot Dog, Jughead asks Sabrina to bring his beloved pet back to life. She does, but with terrible consequences: Hot Dog becomes a zombie, and bites Jughead, who subsequently becomes a zombie and spreads the contagion.
Animal Zombies? Yep, Other Dead brings the Zombie Apocalypse to the animal kingdom. In this epic comic the animals have their day… this IDW comic book focuses on everything from family pets to a swamp alligator becoming the undead instead of your friends and neighbors and begin attacking mankind.
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Afterlife With Archie # 4 (Archie Comics 2013)Afterlife With Archie # 4 (Archie Comics 2013)
Alan Robert’s Killogy # 4 (IDW Comics 2013)Alan Robert’s Killogy # 4 (IDW Comics 2013)
Fanboys vs. Zombies # 13  (Boom Studios 2013)Fanboys vs. Zombies # 13 (Boom Studios 2013)
Fanboys Vs. Zombies # 14 (Boom Comics 2013)Fanboys Vs. Zombies # 14 (Boom Comics 2013)
Fanboys Vs. Zombies # 16 (Boom Comics 2013)Fanboys Vs. Zombies # 16 (Boom Comics 2013)
Lot 13 # 4 (DC Comics 2013)Lot 13 # 4 (DC Comics 2013)
Train 8, Zombie Express # 2 (Bliss on Tap 2018)Train 8, Zombie Express # 2 (Bliss on Tap 2018)
Walking Dead # 157 (Skybound Comics 2016)Walking Dead # 157 (Skybound Comics 2016)
Walking Dead # 159 (Skybound Comics 2016) connecting cover part 3Walking Dead # 159 (Skybound Comics 2016) connecting cover part 3
Walking Dead # 160 (Skybound Comics 2016)Walking Dead # 160 (Skybound Comics 2016)
Walking Dead # 161 (Skybound Comics 2016)Walking Dead # 161 (Skybound Comics 2016)
Walking Dead # 162 (Skybound Comics 2016)Walking Dead # 162 (Skybound Comics 2016)
Walking Dead # 163 (Skybound Comics 2016)Walking Dead # 163 (Skybound Comics 2016)
Walking Dead # 164 (Skybound Comics 2016)Walking Dead # 164 (Skybound Comics 2016)
Walking Dead # 165 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 165 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 166 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 166 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 167 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 167 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 168 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 168 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 169 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 169 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 170 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 170 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 171 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 171 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 172 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 172 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 173 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 173 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 174 (Skybound Comics 2017)Walking Dead # 174 (Skybound Comics 2017)
Walking Dead # 175 (Skybound Comics 2018)Walking Dead # 175 (Skybound Comics 2018)
Walking Dead # 177 (Skybound Comics 2018)Walking Dead # 177 (Skybound Comics 2018)
Walking Dead # 178 (Skybound Comics 2018)Walking Dead # 178 (Skybound Comics 2018)
Walking Dead # 179 (Skybound Comics 2018)Walking Dead # 179 (Skybound Comics 2018)
Walking Dead # 182 (Skybound Comics 2018)Walking Dead # 182 (Skybound Comics 2018)
Walking Dead # 183 (Skybound Comics 2018)Walking Dead # 183 (Skybound Comics 2018)
Walking Dead Coloring Book (Image Comics 2016)Walking Dead Coloring Book (Image Comics 2016)
Z Nation # 1 (Dynamite Comics 2017)Z Nation # 1 (Dynamite Comics 2017)
Z Nation # 2 (Dynamite Comics 2017)Z Nation # 2 (Dynamite Comics 2017)
Z Nation # 3 (Dynamite Comics 2017)Z Nation # 3 (Dynamite Comics 2017)
Z Nation # 4 (Dynamite Comics 2017)Z Nation # 4 (Dynamite Comics 2017)
Z Nation # 5 (Dynamite Comics 2017)Z Nation # 5 (Dynamite Comics 2017)
Z Nation # 6 (Dynamite Comics 2017)Z Nation # 6 (Dynamite Comics 2017)
Zombie Tramp #   4 (Action Lab Comics 2014)Zombie Tramp # 4 (Action Lab Comics 2014)
Zombie Tramp #   5 (Action Lab Comics 2014)Zombie Tramp # 5 (Action Lab Comics 2014)
Zombie Tramp #   6 (Action Lab Comics 2014)Zombie Tramp # 6 (Action Lab Comics 2014)
Zombie Tramp # 10 (Action Lab Comics 2015)Zombie Tramp # 10 (Action Lab Comics 2015)
Zombies: The Cursed # 1 (Zenescope Comics 2013)Zombies: The Cursed # 1 (Zenescope Comics 2013)
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