In the Spotlight This Month

In the Spotlight This Month

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Mike Wolfer Entertainment

Mike Wolfer Entertainment is a Rising Star in the Horror Comics Genre. Here We Have the Latest Comic Books from Mike Wolfer Entertainment for Your Consideration.

In 2014 long-time horror fan and writer, Mike Wolfer launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a new self-published graphic novel, The Curse of Ragdoll. The 96-page story originally published under Avatar Press in Raw Media Quarterly. Mike Wolfer wanted to bring the Gothic horror story back to life and make it accessible to a wider audience, so he removed all of the x-rated material and replaced it with new panels and completely rewrote the story with 17 new pages of material; Daughters of the Dark Oracle was an instant success for Mike Wolfer Entertainment and thus the beginning of a new indie publisher emerged.

Mike Wolfer a huge horror comic fan since early childhood attended The Kubert’s School of Art for two years after completing high school and in 1987 he began his career as a comic book writer and self-publisher. Wolfer’s first book’s included Daikazu which ran 8 issues and Daikazu Vs. Gugoron which ran 3 issues and were published under Ground Zero Comics.

In 1992 Wolfer published a series of erotic comics which ran a total of 14 issues through various mini-series, at the same time Wolfer began freelancing with other indie comic publishers, building himself a name to be reckoned with in the comic book world. All of which would lead to the formation of Mike Wolfer Entertainment.

Mike Wolfer formed Wolfer Entertainment when, over the last two years’ assignments from Avatar Press started dwindling to almost nothing. Needing income Wolfer figured it was time to test the waters and jump into the self-publishing waters. Since completing his last assignments with Avatar left him with no time to write and draw a brand-new series, he decided to revamp the popular Ragdoll series from previous years. Originally published in adults-only format, Wolfer rewrote the series to a R rating, added new panels and pages and making the comic more reader and retailer friendly. The overwhelming response has led to a monthly series and left fans clamoring for more. Wolfer is answering with new works planned for the future and fans will be able to find all of Mike Wolfer Entertainment comic books for sale right here at White Dragon Comic.

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