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Marvel Comics started a new imprint in 2000 called The Ultimate Universe. The Ultimate Universe was responsible for several hit comic books being published and one of the more popular titles and probably the most popular title spinning out of this imprint is the Ultimate X-Men.
The Ultimate X-Men comic books ran for nine years with a couple of different writers. It was the first writer, new comer Mark Millar whom revamped the X-Men, giving it a classic feel that soon had ratings soaring, making this comic book one of the bestselling titles for the X-Men franchise and possibly the coolest comic book being published at the time!

Scottish born Millar had very little knowledge of the X-Men franchise at the time, the only reference he had was the original X-Men movie, leading to an original cast consisting of telepath Professor X, Cyclops, whose eyes shoot concussive beams, telepathic and telekinetic Jean Grey, weather-manipulating Storm, simian genius Beast, metal-skinned Colossus, and cryokinetic Iceman. Millar molded the popular Ultimate X-Men into a commercial hit, that consistently outsold its sister titles, X-Treme X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and staying just behind Grant Morrison's New X-Men run.

After Mark Millar’s run on the hit series Ultimate Comics writers Brian Michael Bendis took over for a year followed by Brian K. Vaughan and lastly fan-favorite, writer of the Walking Dead comics Robert Kirkman who adapted several major story arcs from the regular X-Men series.
Ultimate X-Men was cancelled after issue one-hundred, but was followed up by a one-shot , called Requiem that concluded the series' story. The Ultimate X-Men have since been relaunched as Ultimate Comics: X-Men with new writer Nick Spencer.

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