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Crossovers and events have always been prevalent in the comic book world. Fans and writers alike both love, when the opportunity presents itself, to take their comic book character’s and mix em’ up with other popular characters. For instance, Captain America and The Hulk, two of the most popular and very well-known Marvel characters that usually have a solo on-going series, are thrown together in a comic book, and we have a crossover issue or issues.

Events in the Marvel Universe often gather a host of comic book characters together fighting a common Villain or protecting someone or something from an alien attack. One of the more exciting events include The Secret Wars. The Secret Wars involved a cosmic entity called the Beyonder who observes the Marvel universe. He soon becomes fascinated with the superheroes on Earth and their potential. This fascination leads the entity to kidnap a group of both heroes and supervillains teleporting the characters against their will to "Battleworld," a planet that was created by the Beyonder in a distant galaxy. This world has also been stocked with alien weapons and technology. The Beyonder entices our group to fight by offering them their hearts desire, whatever they wish for is theirs! A year later, Secret Wars II was published, with the Beyonder visiting Earth and having a tie-in with almost every Marvel comic book written at the time.

Civil War is another great crossover/event from Marvel Comics. This event had our heroes fighting each other! The conflict between freedom and security is the underlying theme in this story line, with real-life events and discussions, such as the U.S. government's increased surveillance of its citizens, serving as a backdrop for the events in Civil War. There was a sequel as well, Civil War II, debuted in June 2016.

Marvel Comics and their writers have published serval comic books involving crossovers of characters and several high-profile events. White Dragon Comics is pleased to offer many of these great comic books for sale right here at White Dragon Comics! When it comes to buying cool comic books at the lowest prices, White Dragon Comics has you covered! We encourage fans to take their time and look over our extensive collection of comic books.

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