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Discover Artifial Intelligence, with the birth of a new Terror in The Avengers A.I comic books published by Marvel Comics. Can the Avengers Survive? Will Humanity Survive? Find Out Today with The Avengers A.I. Comics!

The Avengers A.I. comic books published by Marvel Comics offers fans a look at the birth of artifial intelligence. The Avengers A.I. comic book series was born from the events of Marvel Comic's Age of Ultron cross-over event. Imangine a world that has been colonized by A.I.'s, how do they feel about humans? Has humanity treated them well, according to the A.I.s? These questions and many more would be answered in the short running series.

Avengers A. I. comic books began their story following the days leading up to Ultron’s attempted takeover of the Marvel Universe, a computer virus that Henry Pym created to stop Ultron, evolved into the dangerous Artificial Intelligence calling itself Dimitrios! Dimitrios has two goal, one to find Alexis and second, destroy the Human Race! The Avengers A.I. will be lead by Hank Pym and Vision and a team consisting of Victor Mancha, a Doombot and debuting character, Alexis The Protector and Monica Chang as liaison to the Avengers.

The Avengers A.I. had a short run in the Marvel Universe, with a comic book run of twelve issues. Fans can still find issues of Avengers A.I. comics here at White Dragon Comics. You can follow the exploits of this most unlikely band of heroes as they try to bridge the gulf between humanity and artificial intelligence.

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Avengers AI #  1 (Marvel Comics 2013)Avengers AI # 1 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Avengers AI #  2 (Marvel Comics 2013)Avengers AI # 2 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Avengers AI #  4 (Marvel Comics 2013)Avengers AI # 4 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Avengers AI #  5 (Marvel Comics 2013)Avengers AI # 5 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Avengers AI #  8 (Marvel Comics 2014)Avengers AI # 8 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Avengers AI #  9 (Marvel Comics 2014)Avengers AI # 9 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Avengers AI # 10 (Marvel Comics 2014)Avengers AI # 10 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Avengers AI # 11 (Marvel Comics 2014)Avengers AI # 11 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Avengers AI # 12 (Marvel Comics 2014)Avengers AI # 12 (Marvel Comics 2014)
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