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Dark Horse Comics, one of the top publishers in the comic book industry offers fans a wide variety of genres and situations to choose from. There are comic books based on sitcoms and there are some comics that went on to become series or movies, which ever you are looking to buy, fans will find it here at White Dragon Comics! This page is dedicated to Dark Horse Comics associated with Licensed Titles.

Some of the greatest television series have crossed over to comic books, Angel & Faith is one of the most popular titles to make that crossover! Fans of the series were disappointed when the sitcom ended on television and Dark Horse Comics fixed that disappointment with their all-new comic book, containing new adventures, Angel and Faith!

Television shows were not the only thing that Dark Horse Comics Licensed Titles Page contained, they along with their talented writers went after the big screen! Popular movies like Conan continued in comic books! Dark Horse Comics writers breathed new life into Conan with all-new exciting adventures! Fans of Conan can find the latest, coolest Conan comic books for sale right here!

Fight Club, a huge blockbuster movie continued in comics with Fight Club Two. Tyler Durden lives and it’s ten years later, Sebastian and Marla are married with a son. But soon boredom sets in and that means only one thing, Fight Club. You can several cool issues of Fight Club comic books for sale right here!!

Other comics coming out of Dark Horse Licensed Titles include, Tomb Raider, Terminator and Star Wars! If you think that’s all, you are wrong, Dark Horse took on video games as well! Halo, probably one of the coolest video games released, became a comic book too!

Comic book fans, readers and collectors can find some of the latest Dark Horse Licensed Titles available for sale here at White Dragon Comics, the coolest number one internet based comic book store!
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