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Marvel Comics relaunch initiative, Marvel Now, brought readers an all-new comic book, Savage Wolverine featuring Wolverine, Marvel Comics’ best-known character, with all-new storylines. Savage Wolverine tells stories of Wolverines past and each arc of the comic book features a new creative team. 

Savage Wolverine had a run of 23 issues, with four arcs, and each arc had a different creative team. Issues one through five began with Wolverine awakening to find himself on a mysterious island in the Savage Land's inland sea. In the first arc, Shanna the She-Devil joins Wolverine along with Amadeus Cho and the Hulk.

The second arc of Savage Wolverine, issues six through eleven has Wolverine crash-landing on an alien planet. As he adapts to this new environment and its strange residents, a mysterious child arrives with one objective, kill Wolverine. The child’s shocking past, and its connections to Logan’s own, is soon revealed. But more horrifying still are the truths he finds in an underground cavern truths he may not be prepared to learn!

The third arc of Savage Wolverine, issues twelve through seventeen has Wolverine encountering brutal killer on an African safari one that will take him halfway across the world, back to his old stomping grounds of Madripoor. As Wolverine tends to family business, he makes a shocking discovery; then, during the 1930s, Logan was a bootlegger until he found himself the accidental caretaker of a group of orphans whose family was targeted by the mob. Now, Logan must choose between the anonymous life he meticulously built and stepping into the spotlight again to defend the innocent. Corrupt cops, a cross-country chase and a mysterious conspiracy stand against him and as a vicious dust storms bears down; Logan learns the brutal secret of Grand Rapids.

The last and final arc of Savage Wolverine, issues eighteen to twenty-three Wolverine must defend a group of innocent workers from evil. Meanwhile, in Dallas, an event will change the world. Then, meet the sole survivor of the 1929 Valentine’s Day Massacre, Wolverine, its gangsters, bullets, babes, villains, heroes and murder in a showdown in Capone’s town. Next, in the midst of World War I, Logan leads a daring mission, finds himself at the business end of twenty German soldiers’ guns and discovers that he is not the only mutant at war. In addition: Wolverine takes on the Wild West and then finally, in the present, Wolverine collides headfirst with some bad luck on the worst possible day. He is the best there is at what he does but what if he has a bad day. Hopefully Jubilee can lend a hand!

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Savage Wolverine #  5 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 5 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine #  8 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 8 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine #  9 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 9 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine # 10 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 10 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine # 11 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 11 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine # 12 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 12 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine # 13 (Marvel Comics 2013)Savage Wolverine # 13 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Savage Wolverine # 14 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 14 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 15 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 15 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 16 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 16 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 17 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 17 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 18 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 18 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 19 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 19 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 20 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 20 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 21 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 21 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 22 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 22 (Marvel Comics 2014)
Savage Wolverine # 23 (Marvel Comics 2014)Savage Wolverine # 23 (Marvel Comics 2014)
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