Special Offers and Clearance Items

This is the Place for the Best Bargains on the Coolest Comic Books.

Everybody loves a bargain whether its cents or dollars, shoppers seek out clearance and on-sale items. The hunt for the ultimate bargain begins here on our Special Offers and Clearance Items page. While many retailers require coupons, special codes or a download of their app to get these elusive savings, White Dragon Comics does not. Here a sale is a sale and a bargain is a bargain.

Who doesn’t love finding that one item they have been looking for and “bam” there it is, and it’s on sale!
What a cool rush! Some shoppers never check out the on-sale, clearance or special offer selections fearing inferior goods or damaged products are all that are available.

Here at White Dragon Comics our special offers are never out of date, damaged or generic knock-offs, they’re comic books. Sometimes little slips occur and White Dragon Comics orders too many copies of one comic book and with a constant flow of new comic books on a weekly basis room is needed for new inventory. To make room for our continuous growing stock of comic books we are offering these great titles at a discounted price.

Take advantage of all the savings on White Dragon Comics Special Offers and Clearance page today.

And for even better deals and $1.00 comic books, check out our Bargain Bin page

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