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Probably the most instantly recognizable character in all of Marvel Comics today is the Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s distinctive look and unique abilities make him the ultimate super hero icon.

Spider-Man’s first appearance in comic books was in issue #15 of Marvel Comic’s Amazing Fantasy, first released in August 1962.  The growth of Spider-Man’s popularity was nearly unlimited, so much so, that he ultimately received his own comic book title, and in March of 1963, the legendary Amazing Spider-Man issue #1 was released. Spider-Man has continued to gain new fans at an amazing rate.

Spider-Man’s story potential is as unlimited as his fame. At times Marvel Comics has produced as many as four solo Spider-Man comic book titles and a Spider-Man Team-Up book, at the same time, for a total of five issues of Spider-Man a month. Many Spider-Man comic book titles have come and gone over the years - Sensational Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man to name a few - but Amazing Spider-Man, the one that started it all, ran continuously all the way to issue #700.

These days, there are three Marvel Comic titles starring Spider-Man: the solo book Superior Spider-Man which tells the story of how Doctor Octopus stole Peter Parker's life from him, the team-up book Avenging Spider-Man and the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man book which takes place in the Ultimate Comics universe and features young Miles Morales as Spider-Man.

Update: In July of 2013, Avenging Spider-Man comic book was replaced with Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. In addition, the brand new comic book series, Superior Foes of Spider-Man was launched the same month.

After more than a year of having his life taken over by Doc Ock, Peter Parker returns to comic books as the Amazing Spider-Man with a brand new Number One Issue. Look for Amazing Spider-Man #1 to hit the shelves some time in April 2014.
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, which ended when Cataclysm began, is being replaced by the new comic book series, Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Here on Our Spider-Man page is the place you will find all of the latest issues of Marvel Comics Spider-Man books including any Spider-Man Annuals, Specials or Mini-series that have been recently released. 

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