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DC Comics Batman is an essential player in the DC Universe. His crimefighting is legendary and is known throughout the world, but this popular superhero cannot be everywhere! Bruce Wayne, aka Batman declares a war on crime and publicly announces that he has been financially funding Batman and he will be expanding his war on crime, globally. Batman Inc., the crime fighting organization would need a superhero…Batwing.

Batwing comic books would star Lucas “Luke” Fox, son of Lucius Fox, as the caped crusader in this new line of comic books. Batwing would take place in Africa, where Batwing meets his first adversary…Lion-Mane. This is where we see Batwings unique set of skills! Batwing, Lucas Fox is extremely intelligent and is highly skilled in mixed martial arts, all of which make Batwing a force to be reckoned with!

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Batwing #  2 (DC Comics 2011)Batwing # 2 (DC Comics 2011)
Batwing #  3 (DC Comics 2011)Batwing # 3 (DC Comics 2011)
Batwing #  9 (DC Comics 2012)Batwing # 9 (DC Comics 2012)
Batwing # 12 (DC Comics 2012)Batwing # 12 (DC Comics 2012)
Batwing # 13 (DC Comics 2012)Batwing # 13 (DC Comics 2012)
Batwing # 16 (DC Comics 2012)Batwing # 16 (DC Comics 2012)
Batwing # 17 (DC Comics 2013)Batwing # 17 (DC Comics 2013)
Batwing # 18 (DC Comics 2012)Batwing # 18 (DC Comics 2012)
Batwing # 21 (DC Comics 2013)Batwing # 21 (DC Comics 2013)
Batwing # 22 (DC Comics 2013)Batwing # 22 (DC Comics 2013)
Batwing # 23 (DC Comics 2013)Batwing # 23 (DC Comics 2013)
Batwing # 26 (DC Comics 2013)Batwing # 26 (DC Comics 2013)
Batwing # 27 (DC Comics 2014)Batwing # 27 (DC Comics 2014)
Batwing # 30 (DC Comics 2014)Batwing # 30 (DC Comics 2014)
Batwing # 31 (DC Comics 2014)Batwing # 31 (DC Comics 2014)
Batwing # 32 (DC Comics 2014)Batwing # 32 (DC Comics 2014)
Batwing # 33 (DC Comics 2014)Batwing # 33 (DC Comics 2014)
Batwing # 34 (DC Comics 2014)Batwing # 34 (DC Comics 2014)
Batwing Futures End # 1, std. ed. (DC Comics 2014)Batwing Futures End # 1, std. ed. (DC Comics 2014)
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