Rebirth Lantern Family Comics

Rebirth Lantern Family Comics Presents Fans the Latest and the Best in Cool Back Issues of the Green Lantern. Representing Courage and Fortitude, each Lantern will Protect their Sector.  

Rebirth Lantern Family Comics offers fans of Green lantern and Hal Jordan a multitude of their comic books collected together for sale at White Dragon Comics. By grouping together, the Green Lantern Comic Books and The Hal Jordan Comic Books fans can find all the issues in one place, making for a better buying experience.

Green Lanterns comics are some of the more popular and well-known comics in the DC Universe. Green Lantern has stared in comic books, television shows and the big screen! Also, no version of the Justice League would be complete without a Green Lantern on the team!

Some of the more popular Green Lanterns were the iconic Guy Gardner and John Stewart and let’s not forget Kyle Rayner! Each of these characters has borne the mantle and worn the ring with, courage and fortitude. And, their names hold great significance in the history of the Green Lantern Corp.

The two newest Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are the current Lanterns of Earth and Sector 2814, in addition to filling the Lanterns slot of the current Justice League line up. These comic books are among some of the best-selling comics in the Rebirth Lantern Family Comics category!

Hal Jordan has and continues to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns who ever lived. A test pilot who was summoned to an alien craft that had crashed down on Earth. Hal rushed through the rubble and discovered Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Abin Sur tells Jordan that the ring has chosen him to become his successor and to become the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Fans can find many new and back issues of the coolest comic book in the DC Universe here in the Rebirth Lantern Family Comics page.

White Dragon Comics strives to bring comic book fans the latest in Rebirth Lantern Family Comics, whether it’s Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Jessica Cruz and Siam Baz or Hal Jordan comics you crave we have em’. We encourage fans to look over all of our other pages of comics as well, you never know what you might find.

Green Lanterns #  6 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 6 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 11 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 11 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 12 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 12 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 13 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 13 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 14 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 14 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 15 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 15 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 16 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 16 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 17 (DC Comics 2016)Green Lanterns # 17 (DC Comics 2016)
Green Lanterns # 18 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 18 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 19 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 19 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 20 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 20 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 21 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 21 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 22 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 22 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 23 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 23 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 24 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 24 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 25 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 25 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 26 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 26 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 27 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 27 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 28 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 28 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 29 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 29 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 30 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 30 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 31 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 31 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 32 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 32 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 34 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 34 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 36 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 36 (DC Comics 2017)
Green Lanterns # 37 (DC Comics 2017)Green Lanterns # 37 (DC Comics 2017)
Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 12 (Marvel Comics 2016)Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 12 (Marvel Comics 2016)
Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 30 (Marvel Comics 2017)Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 30 (Marvel Comics 2017)
Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 32 (Marvel Comics 2017) Metal Tie-InHal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 32 (Marvel Comics 2017) Metal Tie-In
Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 33 variant edition (Marvel Comics 2017)Hal Jordan and The Green Lanterns # 33 variant edition (Marvel Comics 2017)
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