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Wild Storm Comic Books began their DC Comics run in 1999, but the imprint first belonged to Image Comics and was established in 1992 by the great Jim Lee. The super-cool Wild Storm Imprint got its name by combining the titles of the Jim Lee comic series WildC.A.T.S. and Stormwatch.

Image Comics, Wild Storm Imprint of comics began to have declining sales in 1993, prompting Jim Lee to start looking for a new buyer and DC Comics, happily obliged and purchased the flailing imprint in 1998. DC Comics stated that the imprint was purchased to "strengthen both Wild Storm’s ability to expand its editorial goals and diversifying DC's output." DC Comics kept the two comic book publishing companies separate from each other, one on the east coast and the other on the west coast.  DC's acquisition of Wild Storm allowed their respective universes to co-exist, and characters from either universe could appear in the titles of either imprint.

As part of Wild Storm’s launch in 1999, the company released several new comic books, including The Authority, a dark and violent superhero comic book created by Warren Ellis as a successor to Stormwatch. Ellis wrote the first 12 comic book issues, before handing the series to Mark Millar.

In 2010 DC Comics shut-down the Wild Storm Imprint, in order to relaunch the imprint with an All-New Rebooted Continuity known as The New 52, which would include Wildstorm characters incorporated into that continuity with its long-standing DC characters. But, in December of 2010 the imprint was once again shut-down with the promise that fans would still see many of the characters some-time in the future.

In 2017 Wild Storm is reintroduced by DC Comics with Wild Storm #1. The imperturbable writer Warren Ellis brings comic book fans an all-new Wild Storm Comic! This debut issue will reset the Wild Storm Universe with new iterations of Grifter, Voodoo, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks and many more.

In October 2017 Wild Storm receives its first solo spin-off comic book with Wild Storm, Michael Cray. Michael Cray is a professional assassin, that has been betrayed by International Operations, while he has an alien life-form in his head that’s either killing him, transforming him, or both. The only thing that can bring sense to his life is for him to do what he does best: kill the wrong people for the right reasons. Sweet! Comic book readers can find the latest issue’s available for sale here at White Dragon Comics!

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