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First Comics has Been Publishing High Quality Comic Books from Top Creators for Three of the Last Four Decades. They Continue to Focus on Creator-Owned Comic Book Series from the Best Writers and Artists in the Industry. This is the Place to Keep Up with All of the Latest Releases from First Comics.

First Comics was co-founded by Ken F. Levin and Mike Gold in 1983. Their initial line-up of creators, who were largely unknown at the time, included Frank Brunner, Mike Grell, Howard Chaykin, Joe Staton, Steven Grant, Timothy Truman, and Jim Starlin, many of which are household names today.

Among First's best-known titles were Chaykin's American Flagg, a satirical look at futuristic cops and John Ostrander’s Grimjack which was drawn by Tim Truman. Jim Starlin's Dreadstar and Mike Grell's Jon Sable series rounded out their line-up, with more titles added over time.

Mike Gold served as the company president until late 1985. From 1985–1988, First published Peter B. Gillis and Mike Saenz's digital comic Shatter, the first commercially published all-digital comic book.

First also published a series of comic adaptations of Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion books, as well as the first English translations of the popular Japanese manga series Lone Wolf and Cub.

The company's last major project, before closing up shop in 1992, was a revival of Classics Illustrated, with new adaptations and a line-up of artists that included Kyle Baker, Dean Motter, Mike Ploog, P. Craig Russell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Staton, Rick Geary, and Gahan Wilson.

First Comics returned to publishing new material in June 2014 with the release of Howl, by none other than Mike Baron, with Shane Oakley as the artist.
One year later, First Comics and Devil's Due Publishing merged to form Devil's Due/1First Comics LLC. In addition to reprinting older properties, Devil's Due/1First Comics announced that they will be launching five new ongoing series. Despite the merge and emphasis on creator owned properties, both 1First Comics and Devil's Due intend to maintain editorial independence.

We will be filling the page wih all of the new comic book titles from First Comics, so be sure to keep checking back to se what's new.

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