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Jinxworld Comic Books Are Back! Comic Book sensation Brian Michael Bendis is back with his Creator-Owned Comic Book Line and White Dragon Comics has them in Stock and Available for Purchase, Right Here… Right Now!

Jinxworld is back, that’s right comic book sensation Brian Michael Bendis is back with his creator-owned comic book line and White Dragon Comics has them in stock and available for purchase, right here… right now!

Renowned comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis brings his extraordinary collection of comics that run a range of genres to DC Comics. Shoppers will find comic books that were written by Bendis in the beginning of his career and several new titles scheduled to be released soon! These unique comics will take readers to vibrant new worlds that will have quite a bit of similarities to earth.

DC Comics and Bendis have sat down and brought together a dynamic team of writers and artist that will be publishing new creator-owned titles and bringing back some hard-hitters like Scarlet. Alex Maleev, David Mack, Mike Avon Oeming and Michael Gaydos are already knee-deep bringing comic book readers new story’s, characters and exciting new worlds!

DC Comics states “We’re going to publish these comics as if they were our books. It's just like Vertigo books that we love, and we own. It'll be a meaningful partnership." And that is what they've done! Jinxworld promises that they are coming out strong and swinging with all new material.
New Comics for sale will include: Powers… How do regular, non-powered cops deal with crimes involving super powers? For the answer to that question, you’re going to want to read this long-running, Eisner-winning series from Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

Scarlet… You may say you want a revolution, but Scarlet Rue starts one. This series drawn by Bendis’s Daredevil collaborator, Alex Maleev, tells the story of a young woman who rebels against all that is wrong in her world and inspires others to as well. It’s a timely, energizing tale set in a world that’s not too far removed from our own that asks: What would a modern-day revolution look like? The answer will shock, inspire and move you…and leave you breathless.

Brilliant… Is it possible to give ourselves superpowers? What would it take? A team of college-age geniuses tackle that very problem in this provocative series drawn by Bendis’ longtime Ultimate Spider-Man collaborator, Mark Bagley. While our world may thrill to stories of super-powered heroes, is it prepared for them to become a reality? Brilliant asks itself the question of whether we can truly survive the emergence of superpowers, both on a personal level and on a societal one.

United States of Murder Inc… Bendis isn’t just known for superheroes he also has a reputation as a solid writer of crime fiction. The United States of Murder Inc. takes that popular genre in a bold new direction. What if the FBI never cracked down on organized crime and the five original New York families took control of much of the United States? An exciting, imaginative work of alternate history, The United States of Murder Inc. is drawn by Powers’ Oeming and is a must-read for anyone who’s a fan of mob stories.

White Dragon Comics has many Jinxworld comic books in stock and ready for purchase now! Take advantage of our low shipping rates and speedy delivery… plus all comics are shipped in protective t-folders ensuring damage free products.

Category Products

Category Products

Cover #  3 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)Cover # 3 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)
Cover #  4 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)Cover # 4 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)
Cover #  5 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)Cover # 5 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)
Cover #  6 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)Cover # 6 of 6 (DC Comics 2018)
Jinxworld Sampler (DC Comics 2018)Jinxworld Sampler (DC Comics 2018)
Pearl #  2 (Jinxworld 2018)Pearl # 2 (Jinxworld 2018)
Pearl #  3 (Jinxworld 2018)Pearl # 3 (Jinxworld 2018)
Pearl #  4 (Jinxworld 2018)Pearl # 4 (Jinxworld 2018)
Pearl #  7 (Jinxworld 2019)Pearl # 7 (Jinxworld 2019)
Pearl #  8 (Jinxworld 2019)Pearl # 8 (Jinxworld 2019)
Pearl #  9 (Jinxworld 2019)Pearl # 9 (Jinxworld 2019)
Pearl # 10 (Jinxworld 2019)Pearl # 10 (Jinxworld 2019)
Pearl # 11 (Jinxworld 2019)Pearl # 11 (Jinxworld 2019)
Pearl # 12 (Jinxworld 2019)Pearl # 12 (Jinxworld 2019)
Scarlet #  2 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)Scarlet # 2 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)
Scarlet #  3 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)Scarlet # 3 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)
Scarlet #  4 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)Scarlet # 4 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)
Scarlet #  5 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)Scarlet # 5 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)
United States vs Murder Inc # 2 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)United States vs Murder Inc # 2 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)
United States vs Murder Inc # 3 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)United States vs Murder Inc # 3 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)
United States vs Murder Inc # 4 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)United States vs Murder Inc # 4 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)
United States vs Murder Inc # 5 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)United States vs Murder Inc # 5 (Jinxworld Comics 2014)
United States vs Murder Inc # 6 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)United States vs Murder Inc # 6 (Jinxworld Comics 2018)
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