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Udon Entertainment Brings Fans the Best in Comic Books, Mangas and Graphic Novels. Martial Art Enthusiast, Manga Readers and Anime Fans Can Find the Latest from Udon Comics Right Here!

Udon Entertainment, formed in the year 2000, is a unique comic book publishing company, publishing works that are Asian influenced. Udon also publishes a large variety of mangas including english editions of Japanese manga, Korean manhwa titles and graphic novels. Many of Udon’s works, comic books and mangas are based on popular video games like Street Fighter.

Udon not only publishes comics of their own but have assisted other comic book publishers as well, like  Marvel Comics, Harris Comics, Tokyopop and many more. They have also assisted in the production of video games, mostly ones that deal with comic books.

Udon is an Asian influenced Company and many of their comic books deal with the martial arts, the most popular comic book for sale from Udon is its Street Fighter line which is all about martial arts. Street Fighter has had five different main series and several spin-off titles. Street Fighter Unlimited is the current on-going comic book being published at this time and is available for sale on-line at White Dragon Comics.

Udon brings fans some of the best in Japanese manga, translated into english. One of the highly anticipated manga series, Persona, has been re-released in english in 2016 and has been flying off of comic book shelves nationwide boosting the company’s profits and popularity. Fans can find the latest copy and older issues right here at White Dragon Comics.
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