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Chaos Comics From Dynamite Entertainment Feature the Unlikeliest of Heroes!

Chaos Comic’s were published from 1994 to 2002. Chaos was a comics company that specialized in ultraviolent horror, gore, and dark fantasy with mostly Villain Protagonist and Anti-Hero characters. Chaos comics is still generally remembered as kicking off the "Bad Girls" fad of '90s comics and being a prime example of the excesses of The Dark Age of Comic Books.

Founded by writer Brian Pulido, Chaos comics originally began as a vehicle for the popular cult hit Evil Ernie. Brian Pulido, president of Chaos comics, had an idea for a movie turned comic book about an undead teenage serial killer who spearheads a Zombie Apocalypse, while being goaded on by a supernatural being called Lady Death. Brian Pulido’s vision lead to the expansion of its own-shared universe with multiple characters and titles including PurgatoriEvil ErnieChastityJadeBad Kitty, and Lady Demon. In 1997, Chaos comic’s suffered a huge blow when a copyright infringement accusation were declared, this ultimately lead to downfall of Chaos comics in 2002 when they were forced to file bankruptcy.

All of the main characters, but one, Lady Death, was sold to comic retailer Tales of Wonder, who then sold the rights to Devil's Due Publishing. After the demise of Devil's Due Publishing, the rights to the Chaos Comics characters went to Dynamite Entertainment Comic books.

The story lines and characters were so popular, that chaos comic books could not be put on the back burner. Today Dynamite comics have resurrected these comic book characters, with thge exception of Lady Death. If you are a hard-core Chaos comic fan then White Dragon Comics has you covered, from classic stories to all-new adventures of Chaos world.

Bad Kitty One-Shot (Dynamite Comics 2014)Bad Kitty One-Shot (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chaos # 1 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chaos # 1 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chaos # 2 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chaos # 2 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chaos # 3 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chaos # 3 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chaos # 4 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chaos # 4 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chaos # 5 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chaos # 5 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chaos # 6 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chaos # 6 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chastity # 5 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chastity # 5 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Chosen # 1 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Chosen # 1 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
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