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The Mighty Avengers are a Core Team of Avengers Fighting SuperVillains! Buy These Must-Have Comic Books at White Dragon Comics

The Mighty Avengers comic books published by Marvel Comics are among coolest, most exciting superhero teams fighting villains today! These comic books, which are sold at White Dragon Comics have had members from all over the marvel universe including, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Iron Man and many more big hitters. Fans will be thrilled when reading about all the wild adventures the Mighty Avengers Team’s will face. The Mighty Avengers comic books are a must have for all comic book fans and shoppers can find Mighty Avenger comic books sold at White Dragon comics.

Mighty Avengers comic books got their start in 2007 and was originally written by Brian Michael Bendis and accompanied by artist Frank Cho. Bendis’s writing on Mighty Avengers comic books had a run of approximately three years and changed artist in 2008 when Cho fell behind. Cho’s successor Mark Bagley took the Mighty Avengers comic books to new heights with his fantastic artwork! Bagley did the artwork for a couple of issues, 7-11. Fascinated? Check out the great artwork in Mighty Avenger, purchase the comic books here… just below

The Mighty Avengers were formed by then director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony Stark Aka Iron Man, but because of his heavy involvement with S.H.I.E.L.D. and his obligations as a superhero he did not have time to lead to the group. Stark appointed long time Avenger Ms. Marvel to Field Commander position and unlike previous Avenger teams, the Mighty Avengers were hand-picked by Stark and Marvel from the Registered heroes.

The Mighty Avengers have experienced many different battles and have had several Avengers join and leave the team over the years. The Mighty Avengers comic books ended after they joined forces with the New Avengers and Hercules to stop his stepmother from destroying the Universe. When Hercules was seemingly killed trying to save Earth, the Mighty Avengers grief was so great that they disbanded and went their separate ways.

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