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Alterna Comics is One of The Newest Fastest Growing Comic Book Publishers of The 2000's. Alterna Comics publishes All of their Comic Book Titles on Newspaper Stock... Allowing the Company too offer Comic Books at a Fraction of The Cost! Check Out All the Available Titles Offered for Sale here at White Dragon Comics!

Alterna Comics is a unique comic book publishing company, while the company is a creator owned comic book publishing company, like several more in the industry, that’s not what makes them unique. So just what makes them unique? Newsprint!

Alterna is publishing their new comic books on newspaper stock! The up and rising comic book publisher has also lowered the price of their comics… black and white issues will sell for a dollar and full-colored issues will sell for only a buck-fifty. Alterna will be launching several comic books bimonthly along with quartiles and several one-shots.

Founded in 2006 by Peter Simeti Alterna Comics offers comic book fans comics of all genres. Alterna is home to the New York Times Best-Selling Graphic Books zombie war series, Fubar as well as the psychological horror thriller, The Chair which has been adapted to film.

The Chair, one of Alterna Comics huge hits has prisoner Richard Sullivan, who has spent the last ten years on death row for a crime he claims he never committed, is now fighting for his life. It seems that lately the inmates are being brutally murdered by the Warden and his guards. Can Sullivan escape before it’s too late? Pick up a copy of The Chair and find out today!

Some of Alterna Comics newest releases include Fear Diaries; a crazy fantasy adventure, Amazing Age; supercool superhero, Lilith Dark; a cool comic about a little girl taking on imaginary beasties, creatures and monsters, Metaphase; a boy with Down syndrome, wants to be just like his superhero dad and Mr. Crypt; a down on his luck Skelton who is feared for no reason, can he and his pet rat make the best out of a bad situation.

Comic book readers and just about any reader can find the latest in Alterna Comics right here at White Dragon Comics, one of the largest carries of Indie Comics, Small Press Comics and Creator Owned Comics on the internet! We encourage fans to take their time and look over all the other great pages containing some of the best comic books written today!

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