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ComixTribe Comics is a New Comic Book Company Publishing New, Original Creator Owned Comic Books. ComixTribe is Making Huge Waves in the Independent Comic Book Publishing Industry, Publishing Hit Titles That Quickly Rise to the Top of Comic Shop Shelves Nationwide. Fans Can Find The Latest and Best Comics Avaiable From ComixTribe Comics, Right Here at White Dragon Comics.

ComixTribe mission statement, “Creators helping creators make better comics,” shows that not only do they appreciate their fan base but, the comic community as well. Unique to this comic book publisher is their awesome web site where creators can get resourceful tips like the financials and the marketing of their creator owned comic book. ComixTribe has documented, commented, and aired to the world the process of publishing comic books and graphic novels so that creators can learn from their mistakes and triumphs. It is extremely helpful and something that every comic creator that has dreams of self-publishing should read and absorb. The ultimate goal is to make ComixTribe a premier online community and resource for comic creators serious about improving their craft.

ComixTribe offers fans an array of title and genres to choose from and one of their most popular titles includes Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, brought to life by the art of Alex Cormack and colors of Jules Rivera and written by ComixTribe founder, Tyler James, and John Lees. Oxymoron spins out of the pages of Red Ten (another great title from ComixTribe) and is about a super villain psychopath obsessed with contradiction.

Another great title coming from ComixTribe, And Then Emily Was Gone is also a much sought after title by comic fans of all genres. Then Emily Was Gone, a dark horror-mystery that tells the story of Greg Hellinger, a man who sees monsters will tantalize not only horror-comic fans, but those who love a spellbinding mystery as well.

Speaking of mysteries, Red Ten will have fans on the edge of their seats; When the world’s greatest detective is violently murdered by her nemesis, her corporate backed super team and former sidekick band together to bring the villain to justice.
Fans can find these comic books for sale online right here at White Dragon Comics. We strive to bring fans the latest in comic books from ComixTribe and many more publishers, take your time and look over our extensive collection of the best comic books available for sale online.

And Then Emily Was Gone #  1 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)And Then Emily Was Gone # 1 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)
And Then Emily Was Gone #  2 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)And Then Emily Was Gone # 2 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)
And Then Emily Was Gone #  3 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)And Then Emily Was Gone # 3 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)
And Then Emily Was Gone #  5 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)And Then Emily Was Gone # 5 of 5 (Comixtribe 2014)
Epic # 2 (Comixtribe 2014)Epic # 2 (Comixtribe 2014)
Epic # 3 (Comixtribe Comics 2014)Epic # 3 (Comixtribe Comics 2014)
Exit Generation #  2 of 4 (Comix Tribe 2015)Exit Generation # 2 of 4 (Comix Tribe 2015)
Find #  1 (Comix Tribe 2015)Find # 1 (Comix Tribe 2015)
Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #  1 (Comix Tribe 2015)Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare # 1 (Comix Tribe 2015)
Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #  4 (Comix Tribe 2015)Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare # 4 (Comix Tribe 2015)
Red Ten # 3 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)Red Ten # 3 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)
Red Ten # 4 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)Red Ten # 4 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)
Red Ten # 5 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)Red Ten # 5 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)
Red Ten # 6 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)Red Ten # 6 (Comixtribe Comics 2013)
Scam #  3 (Comixtribe 2012)Scam # 3 (Comixtribe 2012)
Scam #  4 (Comixtribe 2013)Scam # 4 (Comixtribe 2013)
Sink #  6 (ComixTribe 2018)Sink # 6 (ComixTribe 2018)
Sink #  6 (ComixTribe 2018) Iain Laurie CoverSink # 6 (ComixTribe 2018) Iain Laurie Cover
Standard #  1 (Comixtribe 2013)Standard # 1 (Comixtribe 2013)
Standard #  2 (Comixtribe 2013)Standard # 2 (Comixtribe 2013)
Standard #  4 (Comixtribe 2013)Standard # 4 (Comixtribe 2013)
Standard #  5 (Comixtribe 2014)Standard # 5 (Comixtribe 2014)
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