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Black Mask Studios, formed in 2012 by Matt Pizzolo, Steve Niles, and Brett Gurewitz is an on the edge comic book publisher. Their goal is to provide a new infrastructure that will assist comic book creators and a new pipeline for transgressive art. Their motto "to create you must destroy" and "Inspire, never meddle". You can find Black Mask Studio’s published comic books for sale online at White Dragon Comics.

Black Mask Studios offers genres from Kids (All-Ages) to comic books (according to Black Mask) “for when your ready to Riot!” Sweet, can’t wait to sink your teeth into a Black Mask Studio comic book, you can buy them right now, online at White Dragon Comics.

This new concept has led to comics that you want to rock-out to, curl up on a rainy-day kind-of read comics, comics about friends and of course comics that will scare the heck out of you! Discover Diverse Characters and creators, read some Cyberpunk or Superheroes the choices are endless! Enjoy some Black Mask Comics Today!

Buy Black Mask Studio comic books online at White Dragon Comics. These are some of the hottest selling comic books on the market, they sell fast… ensure your copy of Black Mask comic’s Buy Today!

Last Born # 1 (Black Mask Comics 2014)Last Born # 1 (Black Mask Comics 2014)
Last Born # 2 (Black Mask Comics 2014)Last Born # 2 (Black Mask Comics 2014)
No Angel #  2 (Black Mask Comics 2016)No Angel # 2 (Black Mask Comics 2016)
No Angel #  3 (Black Mask Comics 2017)No Angel # 3 (Black Mask Comics 2017)
No Angel #  4 (Black Mask Comics 2017)No Angel # 4 (Black Mask Comics 2017)
There's Nothing There #  1 (Black Mask 2017)There's Nothing There # 1 (Black Mask 2017)
There's Nothing There #  2 (Black Mask 2017)There's Nothing There # 2 (Black Mask 2017)
There's Nothing There #  3 (Black Mask 2017)There's Nothing There # 3 (Black Mask 2017)
There's Nothing There #  4 (Black Mask 2017)There's Nothing There # 4 (Black Mask 2017)
There's Nothing There #  5 (Black Mask 2017)There's Nothing There # 5 (Black Mask 2017)
Wilds #  2 (Black Mask Comics 2018)Wilds # 2 (Black Mask Comics 2018)
Wilds #  3 (Black Mask Comics 2018)Wilds # 3 (Black Mask Comics 2018)
Wilds #  4 (Black Mask Comics 2018)Wilds # 4 (Black Mask Comics 2018)
Wilds #  5 (Black Mask Comics 2018)Wilds # 5 (Black Mask Comics 2018)
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