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Antarctic Press is a Top Publisher of Horror, Science-Fiction, Humor and How-To Comic Books. Here You Can Find a Selection of the Best Top-Quality Comic Books That Antarctic Press has to Offer for Sale.

Antarctic Press is a comic book company that first opened their doors in 1984; starting with a limited number of titles, Antarctic Press comic books popularity would propel the company, becoming one of the largest comic book publishers today. With over 1500 titles, Antarctic Press comic books are highly anticipated by fans and are sought after weekly, often selling out, before hitting comic book shelves. Antarctic Press boasts some of the most respected and longest-running independent series in comics today.
Since Antarctic Press’s inception, their main goal has been to establish a series of titles that are unique, entertaining, and high in both quality and profitability. Antarctic Press comic books vary from horror, how-to books, science fiction and humor. Some of their best titles include the terrifying Last Zombie: Neverland, this is a truly unique story of a group of children that survive a Zombie apocalypse and the remaining adults that find the children. Crawling Sky is another popular comic book from Antarctic, a weird western motif story, leading in towards what seems to be a supernatural thriller/horror story. With thick suspense, and some captivating characters, this one is a great read. Another good read from Antarctic Press, is Adventures of a Comic Con Girl, this hilarious comic book brings fans a comedic and realistic take on comic convention attendees.
Whether you are a fan looking for horror, comedy or how-to comic books Antarctic Press is sure to have something written just for you. Our selection of top comic books from Antarctic Press is growing all the time, so be sure to check back for the latest additions.

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