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Swords and Sorcery, Wizards and Mages, Dragons and Demons. These are the Kinds of Things You Will Find In Fantasy and Magic Comic Books. We Offer You a Wide Selection of Comic Books Featuring All of These Fantasy and Magical Elements and More.

Fantasy and magic are one of the most popular types of comic book stories written today. Fantasy and magic opens up a whole new world for writers, a world with no boundaries. Fantasy comic book stories often involve journeys and quests and are almost always accompanied by magic.

There are generally three different types of storyline, set-ups that writers of fantasy use, plots that begin and end in a fantasy world; others that start in the real world and move into a fantasy world; and then there are fantasies that are set in the real world but elements of magic intrude upon it.

Many comic book writers have found that the major advantage of writing in the fantasy style opens up their worlds and they are not confined to what is depicted as the “Norm”, writers are able to convey complex ideas on a symbolic level that would be difficult to convey otherwise. Fantasy comic books can also provide both writers and readers a new, fresh perspective on the real world. Fantasy comic books are unique; they have the ability to suggest universal truths through the use of magic and the supernatural. Many readers of fantasy comic books are seeking an escape, a break from the real world, a world where anything is possible from magic and dragons to fairies and wizards. To many, fantasy is a development of the ancient art of storytelling. In the oldest tales, the stories told at camp fires, that shaped and crafted societies, were not about the ins and outs of everyday life, but tales about heroes and the gods with the power to shape the world and inspire the listeners. 

Because magic and wonder are intricate parts of the fantasy genre, storytellers can weave tales that border on reality, but have no boundaries that confine them to this world. Many comic books draw on fantasy and magical elements to enhance their storytelling and give readers a truly one-of-a-kind reading experience. Most Fantasy and Magic comiuc books fall into three categories: Classic Swords & Sorcery, with it's Muscular Heroes and Evil Wizrads, Modern Day Fantasy which features new and familiar fantasy-type cahracters in modern day setting, and Portal Fantasies that involve characters from the "Real World" finding a doorway into a fantasy realm.

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