Civil War II

In 2016 Marvel Comics released its newest storyline Civil War II. Civil War Comic Books Became One of Marvel Comic's Best Comic Book Events! Fans Can Find Those Comics Here!

In 2016 Marvel Comics released its newest storyline Civil War II. The Civil War II comics are the sequel to Marvel Comics 2006, Civil War. The Civil War II conflict would prove to be one of the bloodiest event’s in the Marvel Universe. The comic book, written by Brian Michael Bendis would pit hero against hero and would not end well for many comic book fan-favorite superheroes.

The new comic book series would make its debut in a prelude story on Free Comic Book Day. In this issue a precognitive character will claim that one hero in the Marvel Universe will be the cause of a major destructive event in three-days’ time, which leads to the divide in the Marvel Universe!

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso has stated the Civil War II comic book storyline was planned in three to four months, unlike other major comic book storylines, which took years. Civil War II comics were rushed to publication in order to capitalize on the release of the motion picture, Captain America: Civil War.

In Civil War II a new Inhuman would emerge, one with the ability to predict the future. This power would divide the Marvel Universe as superheroes disagreed on ways to utilize this power. Captain America is advocating the prevention of future crimes before they occur by targeting the would-be perpetrators, and Iron Man believing that "the punishment cannot come before the crime." The situation reaches a turning point when it is predicted that one of the heroes will be the cause of major destruction, forcing the others to make a difficult decision.

Civil War II comic books ties into several new limited series including: Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man, Civil War II: Choosing Sides, Civil War II: Gods of War, Civil War II: Kingpin, Civil War II: Ulysses, and Civil War II: X-Men, the one-shots: Civil War II: The Accused and Civil War II: The Fallen, and numerous ongoing series. The storyline was succeeded by the one-shot Civil War II: The Oath.
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