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DC Comics, publisher of Comic Books from The DC Universe Offers Comic Book Fans Something Different, Comic Books Outside of the DC Realm. Fans Looking for more than Superheroes Will Find It Here! DC Comics Beyond The Universe offers Comic Book Readers Unique Comic Book Stories and Characters Outside of the DC Universe.

DC Comics publishes several comic books under their imprint's. Many of these comic books published by DC Comics are superhero based comics, which is what DC Comics is mainly known for, but this publishing company offers fans more in comic book reading material, in fact they have several titles that are not necessarily superhero comic books and are great reads! This page is dedicated to these cool comic books! Comic Book fans looking for something different, something not associated with the DC Universe will find it here!

Scooby Apocalypse is a prime example of a comic book that does not have superheroes’, except for one of main characters Scooby Doo, Scooby has the ability to communicate with the gang, through a machine that Velma invented, which is kind of cool. Another cool comic book in DC Comic’s Beyond the Universe Category is Bizarro.  While Bizarro may have some superhero abilities, he is far from being a superhero! Bizarro, is an imperfect clone of Superman, that possesses all of the hero's abilities, but none of his moral restraints. Bizarro stands for the exact opposite of everything Superman represents, a warped reflection of the Man of Steel's inherent heroism.

Bloodlines from DC Comics is another unique comic book about aliens. Aliens have landed in a small town with plans of taking over the world (oh no!)! Now the towns people, the ones that survived the arrival, find themselves locked in a hellish struggle for control of their bodies and their minds.

Another terrific example of a comic book that is not associated with super powers from DC Comic’s Beyond the Universe Category is The Flintstones. The Flintstone comic books gives fans a look at an adult version of the Flintstones, still set way back in time with the dinosaurs the Flintstones comic will rock your reading world!

These comic book titles are just a small sampling of what DC Comics Beyond the Universe Category has to offer. There are several more comic books on this page that are sure to grab your attention, we encourage you to take your time and look over the extensive collection of comic books for sale here at White Dragon Comics.

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