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As teachers, if we can motivate our students to read, we have won half the battle. If we can turn them into lifelong readers, victory is ours! In the arena of motivating readers, comic books have a noticeable advantage over other forms of text. - Literacy Now 

Comic Books for Kids

The Sequential Art of Comic Books Provide A Gateway To Literacy For Many Children. Here You Will Find A Large Selection Of The Best Comic Books for Kids.

The 21st century is a visual world with a visual culture. This new culture requires high levels of reading competency. It has been proven that a child’s mind has the ability to interpret the meaning of illustrations and read pictures. This is a big part of a child’s reading development. Children learn to read pictures before they can read print. Comic books are a pictorial representation of a narrative. Comic book art combines printed words and pictures in a unique way. It is images, not words, which communicate most deeply. When images are combined with words, as in a comic book, the words become secondary but the language of the images remain with the reader. Comic books are a visual means that combine the written word with the visual concept.

Before a child is ready to read text, sequential art can give them practice in making meaning from material printed on a page, tracking left to right and top to bottom, interpreting symbols, and following the sequence of events in a story. Sequential art provides plenty of opportunity for connecting the story to children’s own experiences, predicting what will happen and inferring what happens between panels, just as they would do with a text story. Many children become intimidated and overwhelmed and give up when confronted with pages and pages of text. Reading comic books can motivate them to read, with short easy to read blurbs.

In the 21st century, children’s lives are dominated by television, video games, personal telephones and the Internet. Children of all ages respond to visual texts. One of the first goals in reading development is the nurturing of positive attitudes toward reading. A positive attitude toward reading is an important factor in the development of a reading habit. Reading comic books is a way to develop positive attitudes towards reading and getting children engaged in reading. Comic books are entertaining. The direct approach of comic books makes the reader a participant in the story. Young readers feel involved in the story as they experience it visually and directly. Comic books require less effort to read and the messages of the pictures are assisted by the short, readable texts. The format of picture and text can hold a child’s attention longer than print only. Children enjoy comic books and read them for pleasure; it is this enjoyment of reading comic books, which will lead to enjoying other reading materials. Children will continue to reading once they think of reading as an enjoyable activity.

Comic books are part of print in the information society. Comic books are a pervasive and influential media form of popular culture. For many years’ comics books have been regarded as recreational reading, but today comic books have become more accepted as a legitimate form of art and literature and they are making their way into classrooms and libraries. Comic books have the ability to present complex material in readable text that assist’s in teaching subjects like science and social studies. Comic books present language in action. In recent years, a few scientists and comic book artists have joined forces to portray scientific facts in comic format. The comic book format is used to present facts about drugs, nutrition, birth control, sexually transmitted disease, and other issues to young adults in an appealing way. Readability makes comics attractive to young readers. The language used in comics is language used in every day conversations. Comic speech and thought are reported directly. The language in comic books is personal and brief. This in general is a much simpler way as opposed to conventional literary texts, pages full of words. Comics are a way to get children to enjoy reading and to read for pleasure. The focus used to be on getting children to read the so-called “good” literature. A paradigm shift indicates that the primary concern now is simply to get children reading.

White Dragon Comics believes that comic books are the pathway to higher literacy among children of all ages, so we provide an extensive collection of the best in children’s comic books from a variety of award winning publishers. You and your child can browse safely through our Kids’ Comic Book section and find just the right comic books for your family. Try some out today.

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