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Batman is a Comic Book Super Star and a Mainstay of DC Comics. Batman Comics Have the Most Consitent Sales of Any Comic Book You Can Buy. Some of the Greatest Comic Book Writers and Artists of All Time Have Lent Their Talents to Batman's Legend and Image. Here You Will Find All of the Batman Comic Books that You are Looking For, Some at Discount Prices.

Batman has always been one of the mainstays of DC comics. In fact, DC takes its name from their flagship title, Detective Comics, the comic book that Batman first appeared in. Originally conceived by pulp author, Bob Kane, Batman has enjoyed an ever-widening audience over the years, even moving beyond the art on the printed page to a live-action television series, several cartoon adventure series for kids and more than a half-dozen original movies. But Batman’s success beyond comic books cannot rival his value as one of the top three super heroes in the DC Comics Universe.

Of all the comic books published every month by DC Comics - as well as all the other comic book publishers – the self-titled Batman has the most consistent sales; so consistent that the sales of all other comic books are measured against it. Batman himself appears in more comic books than any other character in the DC Comics Universe, starring in six separate titles: Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman Incorporated, Batman the Dark Knight, Detective Comics and the “digital first” Legends of the Dark Knight. Batman also appears regularly in Justice League, and makes frequent guest-appearances in at least half-a-dozen other monthly comic book series.

Over the years, many A-list comic book writers, like Grant Morrison, Frank Miller and Scott Snyder, have added their voices to Batman’s legend, expanding and embellishing but always staying true to the original concept. Frank Miller chronicled both Batman’s beginnings in Batman: Year One and his retirement in The Dark Knight Returns; Grant Morrison took the Batman Brand international in Batman Incorporated and introduced us to Bruce Wayne’s son Damian in Batman and Robin; and, in Batman, Scott Snyder peeled back the cover on Gotham City revealing “The Court of Owls” to be far more real and sinister than the fairy tale that Bruce Wayne had taken them for. With each new Batman series, his legend grows deeper and darker.

Many artists as well, are eager to illustrate the way they picture the Dark Knight. Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, Kelly Jones, Norm Breyfogle, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Tim Sale and a host of others, have taken their turn at defining the way that Batman looks.

A large part of Batman’s popularity has always been his humanity. Nothing that he has achieved is beyond the abilities of a normal human being. Before Bruce Wayne became Batman, he studied under a series of martial arts masters, detectives, and adventurers in order to become the best he could be. In a world full of super powers, Bruce Wayne is a normal man surviving by his strength, his wits, his confidence, his unswerving determination, and his complete dedication to his mission as Batman.

Although his “everyman” qualities may account for Batman’s wide appeal, it is the villains he fights that best define him. A seemingly endless stream of colorful, flamboyant, and usually insane, costumed criminals has sprung up to challenge Batman’s role as Gotham’s Guardian. Villains with names like The Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Bane and Penguin and of course, The Joker, that twisted reflection of Batman himself, the Clown Prince of Crime, escape from Arkham Asylum time and time again, to plague the Batman. But, no matter what the odds, no matter how relentless the enemy, Batman battles on. 

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