Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 is a Fresh New Look at the Future Spider-Man in Comic Books from Marvel Comics, Sold at White Dragon Comics

It’s 2099 and the Heroic Age is over, but one corporation, Alchemax wants super-powered individuals back, in the form of Super-Soldiers, Miguel O'Hara head of the genetics program, has been taxed with creating these corporation-controlled super-powered soldiers to be called "corporate raiders." Miguel who has been inspired by surviving records concerning Spider-Man hopes to one day create a similarly powered person. But after a human test subject dies during an early experiment, Miguel wants nothing more to do with experiments and super-powered soldiers and tells superior Tyler Stone he wishes to resign from Alchemax.

Rather than let Miguel leave, Tyler Stone devises a plan to keep him, he tricks Miguel into taking Rapture, an addictive drug that genetically bonds to the user. Miguel, instantly hooked is told by Stone only Alchemax is allowed to legally distribute this drug, forcing him to make a choice receive the drugs he now needs legally or leave Alchemax and get the drugs through the black market and of course he will be forced to tell the police.

Not wishing to be a blackmailed addict, Miguel recalls that he entered his own genetic code into his machine's databanks during initial experiments, using it as a human DNA test sample. Intending to use this older template of his pure genetic code to write over his current biology and free himself from the Rapture, Miguel sneaks into Alchemax and uses the gene alteration machines on himself, but a jealous subordinate Aaron Delgado sabotages the machines, triggering them to alter Miguel's genetic code to be 50% spider DNA, Result New Spider-Man, 2099 Spider-Man.

Shoppers can read about Spider-Man 2099 when they purchase these all-new comic books at White Dragon Comics. Spider-Man 2099 #1 was the highest-selling single issue of any comic written by Peter David. Spider-Man 2099 is new, fresh take on an old superhero and Spidey fans are gonna love it! Buy your copy of Spider-Man 2099, Today!

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