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Brian K. Vaughan, comic book and television writer has a knack for selling comic’s… because his writing is that good. Shoppers set out on buying quests whenever a new story is released by Vaughan! Brian has published and written Award-Winning comics for DC Comics, Marvel, Vertigo, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, Image Comics and his site For his writing, Vaughan has won 14 Eisner Awards, 14 Harvey Awards, as well as a Hugo Award.

Vaughan’s first comic book “works” came from Marvel Comics in 1996 with Tales from the Age of Apocalypse #2. And, with his amazing writing skills Brian would soon start writing for bigger comics like X-Men, Spider-Man, and Captain America. He would also write Batman and Green Lantern for DC Comics, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight for Dark Horse Comics. Shoppers looking for these excellent comics can purchase several new-issues still available for sale here at White Dragon Comics.

In 2002 Vaughan would start writing his own characters, starting with the creator-owned series Y: The Last Man, a post-apocalyptic science fiction series about the only man to survive the apparent simultaneous death of every male mammal on Earth. The series was published in sixty issues by Vertigo.
Brian’s next big seller, Ex Machina, was a political thriller that depicts the life of Mitchell Hundred, a former superhero known as the Great Machine who, in the wake of his heroism during the September 11, 2001 attacks, is elected Mayor of New York City.

After writing a for a couple of television series Brian would return to comics and with Fiona Staples' they would write the next award-winning epic space opera/fantasy series, Saga. Saga was published under the Image Imprint where Brian continues to write new comics.

In January 2015, it was announced that Vaughan would release two new books through Image Comics, Paper Girls with Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson, and We Stand on Guard with Steve Skroce. Both big hits for the iconic writer and Image Comics.

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