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Join The X-Man as they are Rejoiced as Hero's, Celebrated with love and Adored by All... or are They? Buy your Issues of Marvel Comics Newest Event "Age of X-Man" here at White Dragon Comics and Find Out Today!

Marvel Comics newest Event “Age of X-Man” has hit comic bookstores nationwide and shoppers looking for this all-new series can find several issues available for sale here at White Dragon Comic, just below this short introduction.

The Age of X-Man event consist of a group of six, five-issue miniseries that were released from January through July, with an introductory one-shot issue and a concluding one-shot issue. The first one-shot, Age of X-Man: Alpha was the first comic book released and the remaining miniseries following were about a different quality of life in a mutant utopia which is led by the X-Men. In this Utopia, our heroes are celebrated as “Superheroes”. But, is this Utopia all it’s cracked up to be? Or is there a serpent in the garden? Find out today… buy your Age of X-Man comics at White Dragon Comics (while supplies last).

The Age of X-Man was designed for readers, each mini-series tells a complete story on its own, allowing fans to follow their favorite “X” character through this world. And, cooler yet if you read Alpha and then read Omega you will have a complete version of events.

The creators modeled their event after the Age of Apocalypse Event in 1995, which also was comprised of several mini-series with bookend one-shots called “Alpha” and “Omega”. But. that is where the similarity ends… where Age of Apocalypse was dark and hopeless… Age of X-Man is bright and filled with hope.

What happens when a hero’s job is done? Everyone is united, there in no hate, or is there? Purchase your copy or copies of Marvel Comics newest and biggest Event of the year here at White Dragon Comics. This is a must have series for X-Men fans everywhere, get it before its gone.

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