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Variety Anthology Comic Books give Readers More Bang For the Buck with Three or More Stories, Buy Your Variety Anthology Comic Books at White Dragon Comics

I was in my local comic book shop relaxing and reading the newest issue of Dark Horse Presents, which was scaring the begezees out of me, anyways this random guy asks me what I was reading. So, I told him Dark Horse Presents, which is a Variety Anthology comic book and he looked at me with a quizzically, “what is a Variety Anthology comic book?”

Well, Variety Anthologies are comic books that gives savvy shoppers more bang for their buck, readers receive a couple of stories in every issue, instead of a single story, usually focusing on heroes and villains. The stories told in Variety Anthology comic books are two or more different stand-alone storylines in each issue. For instance, the first tale may be a horror story, followed by a war piece or maybe a new superhero.

Some Anthologies have stories that follow a common theme but, may include different characters, settings or time periods. DC Comics published a great example with Beach Blanket Bad Guys, this awesome comic book contains Ten Stories with each story starring different villains, cool right. He was in total agreement, sounds really-cool he said following me to the Variety Themed section of comic books, where he promptly bought a copy of each Variety Anthology comic book White Dragon Comics had on sale!

Shoppers you can find these same Variety Anthology comic books on sale here, at White Dragon Comics. Customers can choose from a large selection of Variety Anthology comic books from several different publishers, writers, artist and genres.

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A1 #  3 (Titan Comics 2013)A1 # 3 (Titan Comics 2013)
A1 #  4 (Titan Comics 2013)A1 # 4 (Titan Comics 2013)
A1 #  6 (Titan Comics 2013)A1 # 6 (Titan Comics 2013)
A1 Annual GN (Titan Comics 2013)A1 Annual GN (Titan Comics 2013)
Amazing Forest #  2 (IDW Publishing 2016)Amazing Forest # 2 (IDW Publishing 2016)
Amazing Forest #  3 (IDW Publishing 2016)Amazing Forest # 3 (IDW Publishing 2016)
Amazing Forest #  5 (IDW Publishing 2016)Amazing Forest # 5 (IDW Publishing 2016)
Amazing Forest #  6 (IDW Publishing 2016)Amazing Forest # 6 (IDW Publishing 2016)
Black Light District: 6 Issues (Image Comics 2016)Black Light District: 6 Issues (Image Comics 2016)
CBLDF Liberty Annual 2012 (Image Comics 2012)CBLDF Liberty Annual 2012 (Image Comics 2012)
CBLDF Liberty Annual 2014 (Image Comics 2013)CBLDF Liberty Annual 2014 (Image Comics 2013)
CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015 (Image Comics 2013)CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015 (Image Comics 2013)
DC"s Beach Blanket Bad Guys # 1 (DC Comics 2018)DC"s Beach Blanket Bad Guys # 1 (DC Comics 2018)
Island #  4 (Image Comics 2015)Island # 4 (Image Comics 2015)
Island #  5 (Image Comics 2015)Island # 5 (Image Comics 2015)
Island #  7 (Image Comics 2016)Island # 7 (Image Comics 2016)
Island #  9 (Image Comics 2016)Island # 9 (Image Comics 2016)
It Came Out On A Wednesday #  8 (Alterna Comics 2019)It Came Out On A Wednesday # 8 (Alterna Comics 2019)
Jinxworld Sampler (DC Comics 2018)Jinxworld Sampler (DC Comics 2018)
Mangazine, Volume 4 #  1 (Antarctic Press 2018)Mangazine, Volume 4 # 1 (Antarctic Press 2018)
Mangazine, Volume 4 #  2 (Antarctic Press 2018)Mangazine, Volume 4 # 2 (Antarctic Press 2018)
Mangazine, Volume 4 #  3 (Antarctic Press 2018)Mangazine, Volume 4 # 3 (Antarctic Press 2018)
Mangazine, Volume 4 #  4 (Antarctic Press 2018)Mangazine, Volume 4 # 4 (Antarctic Press 2018)
S.O.S.:Support Our Shops (Aftershock Comics 2020)S.O.S.:Support Our Shops (Aftershock Comics 2020)
Sham Comics #  6 (Source Point Press 2019)Sham Comics # 6 (Source Point Press 2019)
Skybound X #  2 (Image Comics 2021)Skybound X # 2 (Image Comics 2021)
Skybound X #  3 (Image Comics 2021)Skybound X # 3 (Image Comics 2021)
Skybound X #  4 (Image Comics 2021)Skybound X # 4 (Image Comics 2021)
Skybound X #  5 (Image Comics 2021)Skybound X # 5 (Image Comics 2021)
Thought Bubble Anthology 2019 (Image Comics 2019)Thought Bubble Anthology 2019 (Image Comics 2019)
Vertigo Quarterly Cyan (DC Comics 2014)Vertigo Quarterly Cyan (DC Comics 2014)
Vertigo Quarterly Magenta (DC Comics 2014)Vertigo Quarterly Magenta (DC Comics 2014)
Vertigo Quarterly SFX # 1 (DC Comics 2015)Vertigo Quarterly SFX # 1 (DC Comics 2015)
Vertigo Quarterly SFX # 2 (DC Comics 2015)Vertigo Quarterly SFX # 2 (DC Comics 2015)
Vertigo Quarterly SFX # 3 (DC Comics 2015)Vertigo Quarterly SFX # 3 (DC Comics 2015)
Vertigo Quarterly Yellow (DC Comics 2014)Vertigo Quarterly Yellow (DC Comics 2014)
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